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  • Welcome to my new blog! Hopefully a drop of motivation will help to keep it active and interesting. Enjoy!

  • As the summerday was rolling, my beloved tb stallion Benzin - with me and borzoi Lalka as a special guests - had a photosession today. He doesn’t look 16, doesn’t he? Benzin was a gift from a friend whos art I admire and I've never doubted he is going to be great. This amazing stallion has over 500pts in total, making him an International Champion in both eventing and show jumping and he is not stopping. Has few brilliant foals over Equus, one of them lives at Autumn Woods and already shows incredible talent.
    From over 30 pictures taken during the day (yes, from morning to late afternoon) only 8 was chosen as good and only 5 edited which I want to share with you today.
    Enjoy good people!


  • Benzin :heart_decoration: Amazing stallion generally! :D

  • he is so amazing! and the pictures are breathtaking <3

  • Oohhh benzin he is gorgeouss

  • What a lovely new blog <3 Consider yourself stalked!

  • @Lidija-Rotherford Indeed he is, thank you!
    @Jade-Nguyen Thank you so much for your kind words :heart:
    @Nina-Ricchi Thank you!
    @Luna-Andrews Well, that was the plan ;) Thank you Luna, it means a lot.

  • Benzin is such a pretty boy :drooling_face: But I think I wanna steal that dog a bit more :dog2: :heart_decoration:

  • @Luke-Teth If she gets missing expect me in your barn :p

    This time I'd like to present to you a show jumping tb from @Fiora-Healy and her rider.
    Illusion FN was an unexpected buy, absolutely on my whim but never regreted. When she was delivered to us she seemed to be shy and nervous, willing to stay in the trailer rather than be led to the unknown stable. And whole this image was ruined in the moment when Zelda Kane (now her rider) brought carrots. Chestnut mare's shown then her other side - brave, steadfast and stubborn - and before we all thought she was already in her new stall befriending with Zelda. And eating carrots ;)


    And as a bonus I'm adding first picture of Illusion FN, first time on our paddock.


  • That snow pic, red on white is :heart:

    I love her head shape

  • Wooow what a gorgeous chestnut!!

  • @Maxine-Spencer @Jade-Nguyen Thank you for your kind words :heart: all credits for Ilusion goes to @Fiora-Healy - she makes beautiful horses :)

  • PR Committee

    Illusion is sooooo pretty, her coat is so rich and bright!
    And yay for snow pictures :D

  • Whoa, that update was so pretty! The second last pic of her next to the water was my top favourite, oh my... she is such a beautiful shade of chestnut, and somehow brings my own Tuhatkauno to my mind <3 And by the way, what is that pretty world you have taken those photos?

  • @Callixta-Rosella I'm in love with her too :heart:
    @Luna-Andrews Thank you :) It took me a lot of time to finish those pics but finally here they are. And the world is called Merridale (made by Ella Silverbood I believe)

  • I was going to post another photosession here, but think it's better to show you some little cuties that were born at Autumn Woods this summer. It was fun not only for me, as those playfull fellas tried to get me into their foally games often. One time I was almost run over :P

    Ngauruhoe AW, colt (Ocean Pearl's Kilimanjaro x Monachyle's Olivioux)

    Hells Bells, filly (Ocean Pearl's Benzin x Femme Noire SHS)

    Hetman of Clouds AW, colt (Winged Hussar AW x Minerva HF)

    Ngauruhoe and Tortuga AW, filly (Draconis Fatal Evil x Voodoo Doll SHS)

    Hetman of Clouds (in the background), Meltefos AW, colt (MSE Desperate Measures x MG Assassin) and Hells Bells

  • I'm a grandma! :joy: :heart_eyes: :older_woman: Tortuga is gorgeous and I demand more photos but Hetman of Clouds stole my heart :weary: :heart:

  • So jellllyy! I want them alllll, they are so so gorgeous T-T

  • AWWWWWW can't handle! :green_heart:

  • @Luke-Teth even double grandma, I forgot to mention Meltefos is by MSE Desperate Measures :wink:
    @Jade-Nguyen Thank you dear! But they will stay with me :tongue:
    @Luna-Andrews You're so sweet !! :heart:

  • I want all!!!! They are so cute :heart_eyes:

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