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  • So as some may know, my desktop computer has.....well um...pooped itself. Im not sure whats wrong with it, but nothing (i mean nothing) will run without lagging on it. Evens sims (i mean i can go in game but its super laggy which is very annoying and slow to get things done with). I can barely use any internet tabs on it due to the issue, and i think something serious may be wrong, which I'm not experienced to fix.

    I thought of the idea (as i do have a Macbook with sims installed onto it) that i move everything over to my mac. But i have no idea how i would transfer everything over or if thats even possible. I could handle bringing mods and what not over, but what about my actual worlds? And households? Is it possible?

    Just wondering if anyone has any tips or any help on this, id be more then thankful for it. I want to get back in game, but with my computer being a turd, its really hard to :confused:

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    Sounds like you have issues with the RAM or the harddrive.

    If you already have the game installed on the mac all you need to do is move some folders from the desktop computer to the mac.

    go to Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3
    copy these folders

    • CurrentGame.sims3 This contains the data used in the currently loaded Save game
      DCBackup Contains all package files that get unpacked when you install a sims3pack
      DCCache Contains all installed Custom Content/Exchange/Store items that you installed through the Launcher.
      InstalledWorlds Custom Worlds you installed
      Library Houses and households that you installed through your Launcher, and .package files of all .sims3pack exports you have done
      Savedoutfits .coatset files of all the coats you have created and saved in CAS
      SavedSims Sims that you installed through the Launcher or saved in CAS
      Saves Your saved games

    and this package file

    • userPresets.package - it contains the CAS styles you have saved

    Optional folders to move are

    • Collections all of the collections you have created in build/buy category are saved here
      Downloads (this contains the .sims3packs of your installed sims3packs)
      Exports Everything you export from the Game (CAS or Edit Town).

    You can either use a usb memory stick or external harddrive to copy all the folders to the Mac, or upload them to a cloud host and download them to the Mac.

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