• I recently looked at the rules of this forum and looked into the auction page and it showed only allowed to bid as much as i have in my bank account, where can i find my bank account and how do i earn money to put into that?

  • Administrators

    It sounds like you haven't yet discovered the main site, which holds all our horses, stables, and bank accounts! You'll want to make an account over there (with a name matching your forum name, Bridget Singleton) to get access to your money and make profiles for your horses so you can register them :)

    As for earning money - you can get a little from show winnings, but mostly you'll make money by selling horses or providing services to other members, like making coats, importing horses, selling buildings, or more CC creating stuff like custom markings and retextures.

    Best of luck!

  • Thankyou heaps!

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