Slack Issue [solved]

  • Hello :)

    i have some issues with Slack at the moment and i hope someone can help me. It looks like this (sorry Mandy, but since i have 2 unread messages from you, i have to take you as an example :P)
    I can see that i have 2 unread messages, but not a single old or new message shows up.

    and i can't figure out what's going on and how to fix it.. If i click on the message below "your team has....) it just shows me some stuff i can buy but that's it.


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    Just send a messaged to Mandy and the number notification should go away :p

  • Nope..
    i can only see my message if i send one but i still can't see the 2 she sent me or any older messages.

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    No you won't be able to, it's been pruned by slack itself. Your notification should have disappeared though :D

  • the notification is still there

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    ._. Slack has it's own agenda then.. That normally makes it go away. Slack is a very unreliable source of contact unless it's chatting in real time.

  • I had the same problem with it before, nothing I did fixed it so I ended up having to contact support and they fixed it for me

  • i contacted the support and this is the answer i got.
    alt text
    @Janelle-Forsyth @Julianna-Croft can you help?

  • Administrators

    What they're saying is that we should purchase a paid slack plan to reopen the archives.
    Unfortunately, this isn't possible for us.
    A few numbers:
    Slack's cheapest plan is $6.67 per active member per month (if we pay for a year at a time).
    Right now on Equus slack we have 289 active members.
    This means that if we wanted to buy the cheapest plan it would cost us $1'927.63 a month!
    Considering that Equus is completely free for all members to use and is run by volunteers (no-one pays anything to use Equus, so Equus doesn't make any money at all) that means someone would have to pay nearly $2'000 usd a month just because they love us enough to let us open our slack archives. I don't think anyone loves us that much. And if they did, there are better things for them to spend their money on.. like ponies.

    I'm really sorry you're having this glitch with your slack account, and I really do hope it can be fixed somehow. But we can't pay for slack to open our archives until one of us wins the lottery.

    Good luck!

  • oh no, i didn't mean that you guys should start paying now cause i'm having an issue xD not at all haha
    i just thought that there is maybe any other solution.
    i'm just gonna mark this as "solved" cause it seema like there is no way to fix it anyway :/
    thanks for your help!

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