{FOUND} LGDs and Herding Dogs

  • I'm come to realize that I don't have enough pups running around my barn. So I'm in search of someone who could perhaps make me a few LGDs (livestock guardian dogs) and some herding dogs as well. I'm a sucker for the larger dogs (but I'll make an exception for a corgi or two XD)
    For LGDs I was looking at:
    alt text
    alt text
    This is a Kangal, since this guy wasn't in the lists above
    alt text

    And for Herding Dogs:
    alt text

    I'm not after a specific breed, just some pups that will hang out with the livestock and keep them safe. Feel free to message me anytime here or on Slack.
    Thanks taking a peak (cause I know I'm crazy)

  • Well I have some Mastino Napoletano puppies (athletic build though)
    link text

  • @Claire-von-Hohenfeld was looking for something with a denser coat ( would be staying out almost 24/7) but I'll keep your pups in mind. 😁

  • Still looking <3

  • I could try some of these (I used to make dogs for Christmas), but I'm not sure how long it'll take for me to finish them if you don't mind waiting?

  • @Sadie-Woodson I don't mind at all!

  • tiny bump

  • I have a couple of Great Pyrenees running around my yard I could get a litter from, otherwise I have two collies I could get pups from, (a border and a rough).

  • @Rachel-Deacon could I see in what you have in terms of Border Collies?

  • I've got a blue merle female border collie. I'll grab a picture next time I'm in my game!

  • I can make an Border Collie for you :)

  • Sorry guys that I haven't been up here and haven't replied (holidays and just life in general) @Rachel-Deacon and @Jarik-Engström I would be interested in seeing what you have in terms of border collies (currently I have a couple of dogs as fillers but I'm not the best at making dogs) I know there was mention of a Great Pyrs (mine look more like sheep than dogs XD ) as well. Feel free to message me here or on Slack (slack is probably better at this point because it goes directly to my phone) with pics and whatever info you may have.

    Also, while I'm here I will elaborate a bit more of what I'm looking for.

    Ideally I'm going with the feel of an actual working farm/homestead. I have acquired a few dogs already, but I'm looking to add more. I would like two more herders and possibly four (two to replace the sheep XD and two so my cows have their guardians) LGDs. I'll let everyone know if that changes at all. I find myself also looking for a Foxhound (or two) because I plan on doing foxhunting and my character's husband is the type that would bring his own dogs with him (my husband is like this in rl lol)

    Again feel free to contact me at anytime and I will do my best to get back to you asap.

    Thank you to all that responded (and sorry if I didn't tag you) and I hope to hear from you guys.

    Thanks again!
    Nora Pigott
    ~Owner of Red Willow Homestead and Equestrian

  • I also plan a litter of German Shepards if you are interested😊

  • @Claire-von-Hohenfeld Sorry I didn’t see your post (apparently the forum doesn’t like notifying me when I have responses) please shoot me a message on slack.

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