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    21.01.17 | Some Noobs

    Name Breed Gender Colour Sire/Dam Discipline
    Diva Royal HA Irish Sports Horse Mare Dark Bay Don Federico x Weronica Eventer, Jumper
    Mad Max Thoroughbred Stallion Bay Gorgeous George x Miss Behave Eventer
    Rebel Rebel Knabstrupper Mare Chestnut Leopard Fashion x China Girl Eventer
    Search and Destroy Thoroughbred Gelding Chestnut Speightstown (USA) x Light Jig (GB) Ret. Racer, Undetermined
    Travelling Soldier 25 Irish Sports Horse Stallion Seal Bay Canny Lad x Sunday Silence Eventer
    WRNGS Molotov Thoroughbred Mare Chestnut IL Black Lager x Bombshell SHS Eventer

  • Have any of you guys played G1 Jockey? Man I loved that game back when I had a PS2. The lil click-through text interface where characters/trainers would pop up to talk to you has been the inspiration behind these. Just wanted something a bit different :information_desk_person_tone2: Some simple, brief introductions to some of my newer horses. Maybe I'll do some statistic based ones too :raised_hands_tone2:

    SEARCH AND DESTROY, aka Dexter
    alt text

    TRAVELLING SOLDIER 25, aka Joey/Freckle
    alt text

    WRNGS MOLOTOV, aka Molly
    alt text

  • love love love Molotov

  • Oooh, a new way of presentation, nice! :D

  • Loooooooooooove this idea <3 Looks really like it's out of a different Horse game instead of sims lol :clap_tone1:

  • PR Committee

    I loveeed that game! I think this is such an original way to introduce your horses! Can't wait to see more! Traveling soldier has the cutest blaze :heart: I love his silver tail too.

  • Brilliant, love it! :dromedary_camel: :clap: Please give us more :sob:

    If you ever need to get rid of Joey, give us a call :thumbsup:

  • Such a creative way to introduce your characters, me likey!

  • Such a great idea! :D

  • @Nina-Ricchi I love her too :heartbeat:
    @Lidija-Rotherford thank you! I really like the way they present horses in the game with all their stats etc but I wanted to opt for something a bit simpler this time around, so i thought it would be fun to have the staff talk to you guys!
    @Nicole-Löffler omg I remember you putting something up on tumblr ages ago which was like a stat display of some of your horses (found it) and that really made me think about coming up with a different kind of intro image for my horses. So I sort of have you to thank for this :wink:
    @Johanna-Masters weeee thank yous! I'm excited to do the rest of them, and shh Joey is one of my favs too, funny looking lad.
    @Merida-Dahmer I plan to give you guys more lmao, you gonna have to fight for Joey tho :kissing_heart:
    @Daria-Burtseva I'm glad you like it!
    @Maria-Jones thank you so much :heartbeat:

  • OMG I love those introductions of your horses! Those are exactly the kind what I would do if my English skills were much, much better. Now, consider yourself stalked here 8)

  • This post is deleted!

  • Well im very late to the party but this intro is awesome! Freckle is just too cute. Need more pictures!

  • I hate that I post so irregularly, but that's just how I am! Here are some things which I've shown on our sister site and am placing here for those of you who don't participate over there; there are a few more things I've left out but I don't intend on re-posting absolutely everything! I'm currently working diligently on completing my world(s) so I hope to have some more photos to share over the coming months :heartbeat: Please enjoy and don't hate me too much for reposting old-ish things :weary:

    The Redmayne tack and feed room ft. Pete and Jamie, probably arguing over something.
    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    Mad Max at the Aries Annual Showcase in France, being his usual self.
    alt text

    Two of our newest additions (left to right) Cabaret 25 and Ziggy 18. Both inherit bonuses in Eventing and Showjumping, so hopefully they are able to follow in their parents footsteps! Crab is the offspring of our very successful mare Diva Royal HA whilst Zigs is the first offspring of our much loved and equally impressive Rebel Rebel.
    alt text

    This is a preview of the home I'm decorating in one of my worlds (an edit of Ziwa Bonde), I took this a while ago so it may (or may not) have changed since hah!
    alt text

  • This post is deleted!

  • Errmagurd! Petra! I've seen these (all but the Ziwa Bonde shot) but each time I'm struck by how realistic they are. Your attention to detail is a marvel :heart_eyes: I just can't. I love that shot of Max and your story that went along with it was so funny. I remember an eventing show in Ziwa and I really struggled with the colours, but your interior shot is fabulous, everything works perfectly. So umm more please? :innocent:

  • @Bree-Asgard I have a number of baby pics in my wip folder! I definitely want to cherish them in foal form a while longer they are just too precious :heart_eyes_cat: I'm so happy to have a bunch of new faces to show off I just need to hurry up with my world building to share more of them! I'm glad you got an inviting vibe with the living room, I really wanted to make something that was just chill and lowkey because that's completely the style of the owner/his wife -- naturally many hours have been spent looking for appropriate cc...

    @Rosalie-Clarke Ziwa Bonde is so, so pretty I agree! I've gone back and forth with the layout of the place for far too long, but I'm definitely chugging along with the build right now :train: Perhaps I will soon challenge myself like Ariadne did?!

  • Ziggy is just too cute! Love the knabstrupper sport horses! Ive got 2 stallions at the moment so cant wait to get some more babies out there!

  • Aaaah I love everything that you do. The tackroom is so detailed and lived in. Pete has such interesting look and makes me want to hide my sims for being so basic.

    I've always been a fan of Rebel, I'm looking forward to see Ziggy grow :3 I'm dying to see what you make of Ziwa Bonde, it is one of my favourite worlds and the small glimpse in the last picture makes me wish for another update soon. :no_mouth:

  • I love all your pictures, they're so detailed and tells a story without even having to accompany it with words! <3 I'm a big fan of Jamie, he should come for a visit to my stable ;)

  • PR Committee

    I am seriously in love with your tack room, how cute and cozy it all looks. I have such a fondness for cluttered and the-used look rather than everything shiny new and far too organised. So great job on that!
    And those foals...I feel like I did see this on ES or slack...I definitely remember fawning over that pretty spotty baby. I'm more than happy to continue admiring them here now :D

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