Aehrenthal & Ubangi Blind Imports[0/5]

  • I'm tempted ... they would be able to compete in dressage and the such. Like any other warmblood. Any restraints?

  • @Lexi-House no restraints at all since they are a warmblood they should be able to get to the max level in dressage
    Max in Dressage, Eventing, Show Jumping, and Show Hunter

  • Hi @Emilie-Eriksen I finished your boy!

    Sevaritza U
    Steel Grey/Dark Grey South African Warmblood

    Confo Headshot/Movement

    Shoot me your email and I will send him your way!

  • Your Name: Emilie Eriksen
    Gender: Mare

    (Needed to have another one because they are beautiful) :heart_eyes:

  • Hi @Emilie-Eriksen I finished your girl!

    Dreams U
    Black Min. Sabino Mare

    Confo Headshot/Movement

  • I love so much rare and colorful breed, I'd like to help you with a SA Warmblood ;)
    Your Name: Levi Rosenthal
    Gender: Mare

  • Alrighty @Levi-Rosenthal your girl is finished. I was eating caramel while making her.

    Caramel U
    Chestnut Mare

    Confo Headshot/Movement

  • Holiday special all imports are half off and I'm offering pairs! Can be your gender choice or a breeding pair! Read top post for more info!

  • The holidays are still going on strong but I've went back to my old price and have dropped the price of a single import to $7,500 for the time being.

    You are officially able to request a couple(whether it is the same breed or difference breed) see top post for details!

    More images of my work~

    alt text alt text alt text
    alt text alt text alt text

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