marking quality.

  • a few markings that i use have been coming out pixilated in game, it only happens with like leopard markings or tobiano ones. I make sure their extremelly high quality and look fantastic in CAS, but as soon as i exit CAS it becomes pixilated like in the image bellow. Is their anything i can do to fix this? is their a mod?
    alt text

  • Hi! CAS renders in HQ, which is why markings look really detailed to begin with. Unfortunately, it's not the same in-game, and a lot of markings get pixelated especially when you put tack on your horses (also depending on how much tack you put on). There are some HQ mods out there, but your computer has to be able to handle it since it can slow your game down noticeably.

  • thanks heaps! is very unfortunate :(

  • It is unfortunately :(

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