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  • Stall Eurotop is a competition stable located in scenic North Rhine-Westphalia run by father-daughter duo Frida and Ernst Radtke. Although it was founded relatively recently as a barn for top-level competition horses, its history is long and distinguished.

    UPDATE 16/1/17: Hi guys! Long time no see. I'm still without a computer, but not for long! I just ordered a very fancy new gaming laptop, and I've organised all of my sims-files in preparation. Expect to see new updates from Stall Eurotop very soon. <3

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    Date Title

  • Horses of Eurotop

    Italics denote real horse in pedigree

    Name Breed Gender Color Breeding Title
    Iominka ET KWPN Mare Chestnut Johnson x Uusminka National
    Baiser ET Westfalian Mare Chestnut Benetton Dream x Damon's Delorange Regional
    De Chirico ET Swedish WB Stallion Dark chestnut Dimanche du Tussock x Pixel HF Regional
    LMEC Seminka KWPN Mare Light Bay Sir Cadogan CN x Iominka ET Regional
    CL Lobelia KWPN Mare Chestnut CL Amiral x Iominka ET Local

    Name Breed Gender Color Breeding Title
    RDEC Herbena KWPN Mare Black RDEC Gottecourt x RDEC Helladora Regional
    Braganza HF Swedish WB Mare Bay Legend Dary HF x Queen Dharma Regional
    CDC Boudicca Swedish WB Mare Grey SSE Old Navy x Epona HF Regional
    Hallmark AT KWPN Stallion Grey SSE Watermark x CMS Ruby Riot Regional
    UD Iron Throne KWPN Stallion Bay Tobiano SSE Red Wedding x ILA Caesaria Regional
    WEC Luxina Hannoverian Mare Grey WEC Legato x WEC Konstanze Local

    Name Breed Gender Color Breeding Title
    Danzig ET Swedish WB Stallion Dark Bay VA Daquini x Floppy Disc HF Regional
    Eretria's Pylottie Selle Francais Mare Palomino J'Adore du Tussock x Pretence d'Auroy Local

    In Training

    Name Breed Gender Color Breeding Discipline
    Karthago W Hannoverian Stallion Sooty Bay Killian W x MSE Facile Enchantment Eventing
    Lausanne ET Holsteiner Mare Sooty Bay BSH Lacido x SSE Caprice Showjumping


    Name Breed Gender Color Breeding Title
    BUS Dibella Hannoverian Mare Bay VRH Don Juan x CDC/BUS Infinity National


  • alt text

    Sabine Buchwald and Baiser ET

    Although there was still a tangible chill in the air, spring came early to Gestüt Bretz. It was nine o'clock, and Sabine was to ride her third horse of the day, a lovely Westphalian mare named Baiser. This young mare was a pleasure to ride compared to the rowdy young stallion she had just gotten off of. She was almost seven years old and ready to school the PSG movements. Baiser always kept the softest of contact with the bit; sensitive enough to move off the leg without being nagged, but sensible enough to not make a big fuss when Sabine inevitably asked for too much. Sabine would be campaigning the liver chestnut until she gained enough experience at the FEI-levels, at which point her boss Margarethe Raske would take over the reins. Riding for the well-known Margarethe Raske was proving to be a challenge, but Sabine loved every minute of it. The quality of horses she got to ride was unbelievable! She even got to warm-up the famous Iominka one afternoon, who had proved to be a hotter ride than she had expected from watching the pair in videos.

    After a solid hour of training, Sabine decided to refine her seat by removing the stirrups completely. This was something Margarethe insisted that every rider should to at least once a day. It's the only way you can get to Grand Prix without a rich father, she would say. Sabine chuckled at the thought, letting Baiser relax and stretch into the bridle while she rode without the irons. It was going to be a long day, but she wouldn't choose to spend it any other way.

    What's this? An update?
    Although Baiser has never made an appearance in my scrapbook, she is a seasoned veteran of Stall Eurotop, having earned over 100 points during her time here. I've always wanted to show her off, so she was the first horse I chose to feature in my new blog! Anyway, as you can see here, I finally got my game up and running after much frustration. I also finished my dressage facilities...of which you can see a small sneak peak here. I have a lot planned for my darling sims and their beloved horses, so expect to see more frequent updates!
    (And what's Gestüt Bretz you ask? Stay tuned for more...)

  • Ahhh!! An update!! I'm so excited to see more from you! Baiser looks amazing! She's absolutely gorgeous!! And the little story is so well written! :heart_eyes: I'm loving this! Can't wait for more! :) Especially Danzig :wink: lol

  • Hooooooooly your game is so crisp and vibrant! That sky is just :heart: :heart: I love it :heart_exclamation:

  • Banned

    ooooookay gurl lets just sit down a minute and calm-


    gorgeous horse, looks very much the veteran! and i love your riders posture. yep.

    that is all, GIVE ME MORE

  • Eeeep so glad to see an update from you, if I ever get my act together I've got some pictures of Dimi to show you. :sweat_smile: Baiser is stunning her movement is so fluid. Can't wait to see more now that your game is up and running. :raised_hands:

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