{LOOKING FOR} Fresh Blood

  • Well, that sounded wrong. Please hold the sacrifices.

    Yes, I know, I know - I'm getting close to 200 horses, so this seems redundant. But my foundation and 2nd gen horses are getting close to retirement & my lower levels have cleared out. So I figured I'd begin searching for some fresh faces, especially because I just bred a whole generation of horses with my own prefix and it's been... Repetitive, to say the least. Fun? Absolutely. But it means I have a lot of my own horses to show off... Hence the need for fresh blood.

    I'm going to be extremely picky- apologies in advance -so here is my list of demands;

    • I'd preferably not like a BIY or a breeding scenario, so I won't really consider those. Making the horse myself is defeating the purpose of this small expansion. (And if I see myself entering my own prefix into the Horse Name box on the create a horse form one more time, i will die)

    • Registered & competing horses preferred. More after already active horses with some history.

    • English only, please!

    • I'll only look at Warmbloods, Arabians, TBs, or any other breeds that are able to breed into the most basic of warmbloods. Not after grades at this moment :(

    • Color is highly preferred, I am a color breeder, but I will not be picky if the pedigree/bonuses/titles are good.

    • Speaking of that - I will not consider foundations, I have enough as it is :joy: 2nd gen at minimum is what I will look at, and a pedigree with titles is highly preferred as that's how I like to play!

    • Lastly, this isn't exactly a requirement but preference will be given to people I don't currently have horses from. I'm really looking to incorporate more lines into my programs (which is the whole point of this) so prefixes/people I've never had the pleasure of owning/dealing with are definitely a bonus!

    Thanks for reading through my mighty list :laughing: :blush: And for everyone's favourite part... My budget. My absolute highest limit is 200k for all my new additions in total, so if you have a quality horse I'm not afraid to drop quality dollerydoos. Of course this'll vary on a case-by-case, but I'm not gonna be cheap about this :wink: :kissing_heart:

    You can contact me here through the messages or on slack via DMs if you have something to offer! Willing to at least look at everything.

  • 1 horse found so far! Down to 170k for my budget & still 100% looking :smiley:

  • I have an 11yo (turning 12 in December) Belgian WB that had problems with finding an owner and kept coming back. Freshly registered so he's at level 1 in both disciplines. Hot as hell.
    --> https://equus.community/viewhorse.php?id=525

    alt text

  • I'm still searching! :racehorse:

  • Still searching :wilted_rose:

  • Still... Searching :sleepy:

    Really, though! Still on the lookout :mag:

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