What is Considered Cheating?

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    Repeatedly logging onto and using multiple personal accounts is considered cheating.

    It appears that some members do not fully appreciate the consequences of cheating. In order to make the cost of cheating clearer, we have decided to list exactly what the punishments for various common offenses are for you to keep in mind. In addition to this, we will be publicizing how many people have had punishments delivered in the recent past.

    If you are found to be taking money from a second account you will receive a 2 week ban per $10,000 stolen for up to 6 months. The amount you stole will also be removed from your account. If this is more than you currently have, you will be left with a negative balance.

    Anyone found to be abusing a duplicate account in any way, will additionally receive a fine of $45,000 ($25,000 is the starting amount + $20,000 worth of horse credits). This is per abused account and if this amount is more than you have, you will be left with a negative balance.

    All horse credits and money will be removed from duplicate accounts of temporarily banned members.

    Horses owned by duplicate accounts will be sent to the reclaimable horses account where their original creators can reclaim them.

    Abused duplicate accounts will be made inaccessible to the member.

    Repeat offenders will receive a permanent ban and not be allowed to return to Equus. If you sign up again and we discover you, we will just keep removing you and emptying your accounts indefinitely.

    The names of permanently banned members will be posted from now on in order to make reclaiming of horses easier.

    If you accidentally registered a second account or forgot your password and signed up again, don't worry - as long as you are not using a second account, we understand that these things happen and you won't be punished for making a simple mistake.

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