Secret Santa Sign-Up & Guidelines [PMS SENT!]

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    The joys of giving... Welcome to Secret Santa 2017!

    A staple of winter shenanigans on Equus, the Secret Santa program is back for another year. We're giving people PLENTY of time to put their santa hats on just right and prepare their gift-giving magic. Of course, in order for Secret Santa to be fun, we have a few guidelines we should follow...

    1. Telling people that you're their Secret Santa ruins the fun! Try and keep it a secret :speak_no_evil:
    2. All participants are expected to give and receive gifts. Be good sports :snowflake:
    3. In the event someone is unable to provide a present for their giftee we can step in so nobody goes present-less this year. Just be sure to let us know if you can't make the deadline due to unforeseen circumstances!
    4. Ideally, you should post your threads in the Secret Santa board unveiling your gifts on the 25th of December, so that we all have a fun Christmas morning. This isn't a hard rule, and you can post earlier or later (Please keep your posts inside of December though, November is a bit early!)
    5. There is no real thread format for when you post your present reveal on the Secret Santa board, but you should do something along the lines of 'Happy Holidays, [name]!' as the thread title so people know where to look.
    6. If you're 100% unsure on how Secret Santa works on Equus, you can visit our old forum and see the previous years to get an understanding as to how it functioned in the past. We're not straying too far from that format!
    7. Remember to be kind and give generously! :horse:

    Sign-ups will close on the 14th of November. You have roughly three weeks to sign up -- On the 15th-16th you will be privately messaged who you will be secret-santa'ing for by either myself or the Moderation Committee Director ( @Samantha-Lockhart ) [Shoutout to her & my little elf @Blake-Bellanaris for helping me pair/helping deliver PMs! :heart: :christmas_tree: ] alongside a small blurb about what they're looking for. People will be matched up based on skill set so that nobody is stuck doing something they can't do. You'll have from recieving your PM to the 25th of December to make some fabulous gifts and bestow them upon your lucky partner!

  • Secret Santa apps are closed, and the PM process is beginning soon! Please keep your forum inboxes open (We will NOT be contacting anyone via Slack!) and ready for your messages :heartpulse:

    PMs will be delivered throughout the day by myself, @Samantha-Lockhart & @Blake-Bellanaris. If you haven't receive a PM yet today don't fret; All will be delivered by the 16th at the latest. If you have any concerns you can contact me!

    Good luck to everyone & I'm excited to see all the presents fill up this sub-board in and around the 25th! :snowman2:

    EDIT: All PMs should be sent out! Have fun :santa:

  • What do we do if we still haven’t received our secret Santa by now?(End of December) Sorry, truly not trying to be pushy

  • Administrators

    Remain optimistic for a week or so, and then just hope for better next year.
    This is a known risk of participating in secret santa, and while it isn't great, we hope it will not deter you from trying again in the future <3

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