{RESULTS} The Cross-Over Extravaganza

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    Sliding K Ranch & Galileo Stud Present
    The Cross-Over Extravaganza

    Hello and welcome!
    I am here to help promote Western Sports on Equus. The western community is slowly dying down to a small handful of members. So What I’m here to do is hopefully gain new members to be more open to being apart of Western Sporting. May it be Reining, Western Pleasure, Trail, Barrels & Poles, Working Cow or Cutting, I hope you find one that triggers your enjoyment! This show is also open to those that take part in western and are curious about the english sports!

    General Information:
    • All entry fee’s must be sent to Treyvor Storm on the main site for your entry to be considered valid
    • A member may enter 4 horses total, 2 in one sport 2 in another
    • If you’re primary stable is English you will need to enter a Western Sport, if you’re primary stable is Western you wil need to enter an English Sport.
    • Horses must be from your primary stable, if you breed warmbloods for dressage pick one for your western sport entry, if you breed AQH for reining pick one for your english sport entry.
      -Editing is allowed however will not be judged
    • Horse registration is not required
    • Entries are not judged by their perfection, but rather by their realism- in other words, feel free to submit a ‘fail’ entry!
    • Entries must be submitted here and in the form provided, if they are not located in both areas the entry will not be judged
    • Entries must be created for this show and only this show, no past images from blogs/t-shows/ect are accepted and will be considered an ignored entry
    • All chatter and questions should be posted in the chatter thread thank you!
    Main Concept

    The way the show works is as follows:

    My horse The Devil Wears Gucci AT (Pictured above) is a dutch warmblood and is my star Dressage mare, if I were to enter her into the show under my stable Galileo Stud she would need to pick a WESTERN sport to compete in. So I would probably do Reining.

    My horse RK Sheza Trashy Teller (Pictured above) is a barrels and poles bred mare however for this challange she is sporting Dressage attire as she would compete in an English Sport such as dressage or show jumping ect.

    IF you have two stables for English and Western you can enter two horses into Class 1 two horses into class 2.

    IF your horse competes in something other then these two areas you can still enter. Racing, Saddle Seat, Horseball, Polo would be considered English to Western

    Endurance could fall into either area. So go with the area that you have the least amount of experiance in.

    This show is all about fun and learning something new and stepping out of our boxes. It means those that are primary English give their unsteady hands a go at Western and those that primary in Western give their hands a go at English and we all learn something new from this and hopefully after seeing there are some similarties to the areas we gain more members between all show types here on Equus.


    •Pinterest has some great photo resources if you’ve never competed in the sport you’re chooseing.
    •Youtube can provide movement, class, and other resources
    •I am more then willing to help answer any questions about Western Classes and performance, I am sure as well if any member that is more English Savvy is able they can help answer questions for Western Members Crossing over in the show to english
    • SLS has Western Tack and there are many many English based CC creators currently

    Prizes & Entry Fees & Classes

    Entry fee for all classes is 750$ no matter which aspect you’re entering
    Prizes are as followed:

    1st Place: 15,000 & 3 Markings 1 Class Based Import Entries turned into in-game paintings w/ placement banner
    2nd Place: 10,000 & 2 Markings 1 Class Based Import Entries turned into in-game paintings w/ placement banner
    3rd Place 7,000 & 1 Marking 1 Class Based Import Entries turned into in-game paintings w/ placement banner

    Class 1: English to Western
    Class 2: Western to English

    Entry Form

    Horses Name:

  • Name: Aliisa Pohl
    Horses Name: OPS Bubble Drift
    Class: 1

  • Competition Committee

    Name: Heather Tann
    Horses Name: EVEC Ambassador
    Class: Class 1

    alt text

  • Name: Sophie Oak
    Horses Name: RDR Boemil Twin Robotop
    Class: Western to English
    alt text

    When Sophie and Robotop, with a flashy blue english attire, entered the training ring, well, Jordan almost couldn't hold back a laugh. Sophie looked pretty unconfortable seating in the show jumping saddle - you can tell she is isn't used to the new, weird posture. She doesn't own any specific show jumping attire, so she picked some leggings, a blue top and old, tall leather boots. She doesn't have an helmet, but he recogised the one she used some years ago, when she used to go cycling. Jordan has to admit, she looked pretty good even without her usual jeans, shirt, chaps and spurs.
    Robotop, on the other hand....He was used to leg protections, and probably the lighter saddle was a nice change for him but....Jordan could only imagine how much time Sophie should have spent to convince the horse to wear an earnet. An earnet! Unbelivable. He looked pretty unsure of the new sensation caused by the earnet, but at least he wasn't getting silly.
    Sophie and Robotop started riding under Jordan's watch, getting use to the new discipline's posture. There was a small jump in the arena: Sophie started approaching it carefully but with determination. Robotop was great: after all, he cuts, circles and fences cows almost daily, so what could possible be a small bridge jump? Yeah, their jump isn't perfect; probably Robotop jumped a bit too late, and Sophie thinks she is too forward on the saddle, but at least he didn't refuse the jump and she didn't fall. Success.

  • Name: Jase Sunshine
    Horses Name: Mosaic of Nature Y
    Class: Western to English

    alt text

    It was early in the morning, All horses already got their food and it was time to bring them to the pastures. Iowa’s just about to get my favorite mare(if someone will ask me I will deny it, since I love all of my horses.) May to let her outside, But instead to find the mare I found a note:
    „May is with me in the arena. You know I ever wanted to ride her and since she has some time left to her next competition, it is the best time now. Come over if you are curious.
    Jessica is a rider in ouer sister stable Celtic Stud. I have hired her, when I bought ouer first to English horses years ago. We both were at college together and I knew she was a great English rider and I am quiet bad at it. I only ride a few low level Eventing shows. And now I can say it was a great decision. The two green youngsters, which I both become real champions with her help.
    I was a little angry, since she didn‘t asked me and just took one of my horses, but also I was really confused. Jessica only sat once in a western saddle and she felt so uncomfortable, but I also knew that she always wanted to try the mare. I and her have raised her together and she helped me a lot with the ground work. I got into my truck and drove my way to the arena. Well I entered it and couldn#t stop laughing seeing the mare in that purple and black Show Jumping attire. It just looked so odd and May seemed as confused as I was.
    Jessica smiled at me: „She looks great, didn‘t she?“
    „What do you have in mind?“
    „I really would like her seeing go over a few fences. I am sure it would be a great exercise.“ With that words she got in the saddle. In the arena were three low jumps. She started to warm the mare up and then approaching the first jump. But I already could guess and I could not stifle a suppressed grin, since I already could guess what will happen. May decided to stop directly in front of the fence and Jessica found herself on the other side to the fence. I asked, if she was alright. After her answer I couldn‘t hold back my laughing anymore. I got to the pair and gave Jessica my hand to help her up. „Not funny“, she looked at me and dusted herself down from her trousers. I started petting the mare's neck.
    „In return I want to see Jay on a trail course“, I said. „Alright, I bet that will be funny“. We loaded both mares in a trailer so that I get my chance directly.

  • said in {Ends 11/18} The Cross-Over Extravaganza:

    Name: Cristyne Westwood
    Horses Name: PLR Cowboy Bebop
    Class: 2
    alt text

  • Name: Cristyne Westwood
    Horses Name: RDEC Miss Print
    Class: 2
    alt text

  • Name: Cristyne Westwood
    Horses Name: ISS Gwenevere
    Class: 1
    alt text

  • Name: Cristyne Westwood
    Horses Name: FLS Gwendolyn
    Class: 1
    alt text

  • Name: Nina Ricchi
    Horses Name: Sandro PF
    Class: 1
    text alternatif

  • Administrators

    Name: Elsie Spectre
    Horses Name: Tatterdemalion X
    Class: 1

    TatterdemalionX in the cross-over extravaganza
    Eventing horse... arena filled with poles.. 'GODDAMNIT I KNOW MY JOB.'

  • Administrators

    Name: Blake Bellanaris
    Horses Name: HMR Leviathan
    Class: 2

    alt text
    In an alternate reality where Leviathan, our Blue Roan Reining Quarter Horse (say that 5 times fast) was instead a Dressage star. It wouldn't be an awful reality I mean, he does look damn good in it.

    Results should be posted by next friday. As a retail manager and black friday coming up I am working more then I am online.

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    Class 1 - English To Western
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    Class 2- Western To English
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    alt text
    alt text

    Winners please fill out the following form

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