{Ends 11/18} The Cross-Over Extravaganza CHATTER

  • Questions and comments here

  • I have read and it seems a great idea! But, it has not been clear to me how to participate.

    I am going to write an example.

    I have a warmblood stall currently competing in dressage. So, if I participate with this horse.... I must choose a Western discipline to participate. Is this correct?

  • I have two primary stables, one for English and one for Western. So which class should I enter or should I just choose one of them?

  • @Irene-Crownguard

    If your horse is for example a dutch warmblood that does dressage you'll need to use the dutchy for a western sport for example reining.

    @Jase-Sunshine You can enter two horses in Class 1 and 2 Horses in Class 2
    So you could enter two western based horses into class 2 and two western horses into class 1

    I'm going to go update the main post with more details :D

  • PR Committee

    What does it mean by "class based import" in the rewards?

  • @Andrea-Burdine
    If you enter Western you'll get a western import
    If you enter English you'll get an English based import

  • I'm a little confused on the import. Here you said that if we enter English we'll get an English import, but the form says if we enter English we'll get a western import?

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