Advent Submissions [CLOSED - ENJOY!]

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    Is it that time of the year already? The snow's starting to fall and the hot cocoa is being made; welcome to the first stage of the 2017 Equus Advent! :coffee: :snowman2:

    Traditionally, our Advent is made up of community-submitted gifts made by all of you. So, following that trend, you'll be able to submit your advent presents via the link above. Submissions will be open until the 30th of November, at which time the form will close. If you still have presents you would like to contribute after this point/during the Advent itself, you can either private message me with the details on a case-by-case basis OR we highly encourage you to provide them to the community in a public post under the Stocking Stuffer board! :horse: If you're a submitter to the Advent, it's obviously implied that you'll keep your gift under wraps and not tell anyone about it. Surprising everyone else each day is a part of the fun, so avoid ruining it!

    All of us are really hoping for a great turn out this year. I hope to see you busy :bee: 's submitting presents soon! All questions related to the Advent/Advent submissions should be left as a reply to this thread and I will get back to you ASAP! Optionally you can use the #advent channel on Slack to discuss gifts with fellow gifters! I'm also reachable on there and in the channel for questions that need an immediate answer :santa:

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