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    Welcome to Phoenix Hill Farm's Scrapbook

    OOC: I'm restarting my album due to a whole new roleplay story change. I hope you enjoy!

    I'm Effie, I'm from England and I'm a slightly (very) unorganised but I will try my best to keep this album as clutter free as possible. Notice how I emphasised the try? ;) I've always ridden riding school horses or friends' horses since I've never been able to keep my own. Not because of time commitments but more because of the expense, however I recently competed and was approached by a man named Callum. His father owns a competition yard and he wants me on their team. I've been here a couple of days already and things are going okay so far... minus Callum's suckish attitude. I still haven't met his father - who I've heard is very straight forward, direct and general a bit of a jerk. Any way I'm rambling again so I'll post a couple of photos.

    Since arriving I've met a handful of Phoenix Hill's horses. I have my own cabin to live in on site and everything is self-contained. Callum has set out a couple of rules but nothing to drastic- I'm just glad I don't have to wear a uniform. I've been assigned a pony named Elessandra (thanks for selling her to us @Bree-Asgard!) and she's a total witch. Just kidding, she just has an attitude but she's extremely talented.
    Elessandra doesn't like being caught and that's because she loves the chase. She enjoys watching her humans troll round after her trying to bribe her with carrots and cookies. She's totally over bribes now. Thankfully the mare seems to have taken to me but Callum doesn't like her best much, he describes her as 'the witch pony' - which I think is totally unfair but he admits he doesn't like ponies.

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    She's the perfect show-jumping pony but she has no rider as of right now. Callum said take her for a ride but I'm yet to. Right now I'm happy staying on the ground. She lunges herself and I feel like a nuisance just standing looking like a lemon whilst she does all the work - I should be grateful right? Callum's niece rides but she hasn't met Elessandra yet but I'm sure she'll love her since he's told her all about the little pony.

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    Next we have RHZ Radisson (sold to us by @Anzhelika-Shabanova) and I adore him. Placid, easy going and a gentleman to handle. He can spruce it up when riding and he can be sharp but Callum explained how Radisson works and I hope to ride him one day. This horse is never on his feet and is often found lying down, especially in his stable, he's always so sleepy. He has a strict diet and exercise regime due to his difficulties reacting to change and the fact he enjoys a busy lifestyle of competing and being ridden. I'm up early every morning giving this guy a good curry comb before turning him out in the paddock. He stays out for most the day weather permitted and he'd like a buddy to keep him company at some point but Callum is still searching for the right horse. Every morning he gets his carrot and he snubs unless he has one, I guess I can relate to that though less vegetables and more chocolate.

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  • I hope it's ok to comment :D I just have to say that this is truly adorable horse. I love her face in the first pic <3

  • I love your writing, it feels so genuine. It's like reading a diary.
    Radisson is absolutely beautiful! I'd love to see him standing lol, he's quite possibly the best black I have ever seen. I love his little star.

  • @Luna-Andrews Of course, thank you! I appreciate it. I can't take the credit for her since I bought her from another stables but she sure is a sweet little thing :blue_heart:

    @Maxine-Spencer Thank you :heart: His star is actually the shape of a heart if you push his forelock across to the side which is quite sweet :slight_smile:

    OOC: Thank you for the lovely replies, they're very much appreciated it!

    20th October, 2017:

    I woke earlier than usual and decided to make my way to the yard. It's around a five minute walk from my cabin but I decided to take the long route since I had some time to waste, this was the moment I was blinded by a torch. Literally. There was a torch shone in my face- which certainly wasn't pleasant on a Friday morning after a long week. A young female, who I came to know later, was searching around for her cat... Mittens was her name from what I recall. I met her later on, after mucking out all the stalls, in Callum's cottage. I was sat on the sofa when she stormed in shrieking that Callum had let her cat outside and her beloved feline was now lost. Callum's cottage is quaint. Indie colours, aesthetics, very modern... All my taste in decor and furniture. Wonder if he'd let me move in? NOT. I was just kidding.
    Oh, her name is Alice- I almost forgot to mention... I told you I'm scatter-brain. She's one of the members at Phoenix Hill, she's one of the main competitors and of course I didn't know Callum had other grooms or riders since he's barely told me anything about the place. I know I should be appreciative for this opportunity but I can't help but feel frustrated about the whole thing.

    alt text

    Callum asked me to watch him school Radisson- I'm desperate to ride him some day. The stallion is pretty easy going, he's straight forward as long as you know which buttons to press and what not. Callum is a great rider though he can have quite the temper, Radisson had a few sticky moments where he needed a rider to be calm and quiet, however Callum cranked the reins and gave him a kick to get him going again. I can already see our riding styles are very different but I hope that doesn't get in the way of our work together. He did a lot of flatwork. No jumping unfortunately since it's been a rough and windy day and Radisson doesn't perform his best in bad weather- he's not a fair weather horse it seems ;)

    alt text

    I got to take a ride on PHF Galileo, Galileo! today, also known as Galileo (pretty obvious, huh?) He's one of their older horses, he competes from time to time but not as much as he used to since he may be reaching his retirement. Galileo loves his work which is why he still hasn't been retired yet. Callum rode Radisson alongside and we rode to some of the pretty Cornwall beaches. The water is so clear and blue, much different to from the sea in my home town, I felt like jumping in and going for a swim myself. I try not to make so many silly, ditsy comments but I can't help myself. Callum isn't amused by my nature like everyone at home is.
    He took me for a couple of canters through the forests which was exhilarating. Galileo has such a smooth movement it feels like I'm sat in an armchair when we're cantering along and I had to ride ahead since Galileo will only ever lead when he's in canter which was fun until I almost got knocked out my a branch that was level with my nose. Callum laughed, me? Not so much. He knows the trails so it was easy for him to know all the ins and outs of the forests and we went on for a couple of miles before heading home.

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    I'm currently sat in my cabin sipping a milky coffee and munching on cappucino truffles. I'm a coffee addict :coffee: and am always in need of a caffeine fix. Why you ask? Because I have to do the night shift and look after one of the mares since she badly coliced and needs 24/7 care right now. It's 2AM and Alice will be coming off her shift to be replaced by me in half an hour and I know I'm going to struggle since I am NOT a night person. Night is for sleep :sleepy: Mornings are definitely more my thing!
    I love Autumn and I can't wait until we have frosty mornings again. :fallen_leaf: :snowflake:

  • 1th November, 2017:

    I've been enjoying my time at Phoenix Hill so far. Previously, I spoke about the possibility of riding Elessandra and finally I bit the bullet and went for it. It started off with a couple of flatwork sessions which proved to be relatively uneventful- the pony had the perfect attitude towards work and was always anticipating the next instruction, which is what Callum likes to see in an equine. She has talent and the temperament (usually just when riding :fingers_crossed_tone1:) and Callum hopes his niece will snatch her up. She's currently staying at his cottage but hasn't ridden her yet. She loves the spunky, cheeky mare and has been spending a lot of time with her which is promising and somehow the mare has warmed to her. Dana (Callum's niece) can catch Elessandra and groom her without the pony putting up a fuss.
    Recently, I rode Elessandra over a couple of cross poles which she took to like a duck to water :duck: I've been enjoying riding her but admittedly I'd like something a little bigger. I almost feel like there's nothing underneath me when riding since she's so narrow and finely built. Callum still hasn't given me any hint of assigning me to another horse. Maybe he wants me to prove myself which is frustrating because I'm itching to get riding. Part of my job was going to be exercising the horses.

    alt text

    This mare is named Tully, also known as SS Yours Truly. She's a sweet, soft mare with a calming presence and I enjoy spending time with her. I have to be at the yard by 4:45AM every morning to feed the horses and Tully is one of the horses that needs feeding. With heads popping over the doors, hers is one of my favourites, stroking her little pink muzzle every morning makes my heart melt :pig_nose: Tully is Alice's horse and she bred the mare herself :horse: She was hand reared since her mother died during the birth which was really difficult for Alice. The mare was born before she came to Phoenix Hill but once Alice joined the Phoenix Hill team her mare came with her.
    I've watched Alice riding her and she can be quite fizzy and excitable but she has such a scopey jump on her. I'll snap some pictures when I next see her riding :camera_with_flash: She's also on a strict routine and is ridden six days a week to keep her up and fit for competitions.

    alt text

    Radisson has recently been competed at the Spruce Meadows Breeders Showcase. We're yet to see the results but he behaved impeccably which Callum excpected. He has high expectations of the stallion and I've talked about his hot temper before. I was invited along, I woke even earlier than usual to plait the stallion's mane, give him a groom over and make sure he was in tip-top condition. Coffee was definitely needed :coffee: I'm sort of frowned upon in that sense because Callum is highly against caffeinated drinks- screw it, coffee is life :grin::heartbeat: I'm grateful I got to go along with them- it was a long journey from England but worth it. I'm excited for more competitions since I love the buzz and adrenaline of it- it is a lot of pressure though, especially being a groom but Callum treats me with respect. I noticed a handful of other grooms being treated like dirt which sucks big time because no one deserves to be treated that way.

    alt text

    Right, I have to go because I really shouldn't be blogging right now- the horses need their evening feeds! The little rascals will be rather impatient if I don't get them fed soon and I'll arrive to grumpy equines kicking at doors and pinning back ears. Speak soon! :purple_heart:

  • 4th November, 2017:

    Autumn has been brutal to us for the past couple of days reaching almost minus temperatures which is pretty cold here in England. The horses are still growing their winter coats which means it must've been a bit of a shock to the system to them for the temperature to drop so drastically. Luckily, all the horses are stabled every night and wrapped up in rugs to keep them snug and warm. I'm also struggling to get out of bed in the mornings since it's so cold and don't get me wrong I love the cold but leaving a toasty bed in the morning is the last thing I want to do! :sleeping: I've mucked out so many stalls that my hands are calloused and blisters are forming- I swear I'm not complaining but man are they grim and very sore :crying_cat_face:

    Dana finally got around to riding Elessandra! She makes the mare look huge because she's so short. Elessandra lived up to her nickname and napped constantly whilst Dana was riding her- gotta give it to the girl, she's a patient rider and a talented one at that. She loved Elessandra which is great news because it means that she has a new rider now. Dana has decided to take her on as her own. I will still be in charge of caring for and lunging the mare on the days Dana is at school and can't ride which I'm grateful for because I've grown quite attached to her.
    She plans to event Elessandra in the junior classes. She hasn't competed at very high levels but Callum hopes to get her there because she has the confidence and the attitude to get there. She's very study focused at school and is very much into her PE lessons. Being thirteen, she hasn't decided what she'd like to do but I know Callum wants her to work for him as a competitive rider.

    alt text

    This is CRS Suburban Chex. He's a three year old APH gelding with a great happy-go-lucky attitude. Chex is still one of my favourites at Phoenix Hill- he's just so... perky and generally a cheerful horse and he has this way of worming his way into people's hearts. I haven't been assigned to any other horse apart from Elessandra yet (I will introduce you to her later) but I still feed Chex, turn him out and give him a groom daily. I hope he's assigned to me since I'm supposed to be exercising some of Phoenix Hill's equines soon. He's all for scratches, he enjoys a good belly rub every morning and a couple of carrot stretches before turnout, he'd do anything for a polo mint, or even a chocolate chip cookie. He also loves a garlic lick from time to time but I'm not a bit fan when he rubs his brown, wet lips all over my shirt which leaves a stained patch for the rest of the day.
    I did mention I hadn't ridden or been assigned Chex yet, but I did take him for a short walk around the beach nearby Phoenix Hill with Callum, the son of my boss, we just chatted about how I'd progress with the stables. It's his father's decision which horses I'll be taking care of but I'm yet to meet him:zipper_mouth:

    alt text

    Finally I was asked by Callum to ride Galileo on a hack with himself and Radisson. I like riding Galileo but he just isn't my type of horse in all honesty. He's ace and a steady ride but I just don't get that connection with him like I do with some horses. I can't fault him though and we had a blast on the hack. Callum talked to me more about his father's business as a competition yard. It was quite interesting to be told some of the history on the farm and how long the business has been running. Callum is a closed book so it was nice to have him open up to me a little more. Galileo appreciated a nice gallop across the beach and I'm just thankful I wore my gloves- he's not strong but my hands are still blistering. It was freezing yet Callum rode in a short sleeved t-shirt?! Crazy...

    alt text

    I followed Alice around to Blackstone's Nikora's paddock. She is such a beauty and so loving. She competes in dressage and halter classes and she does well from what I've heard. She's been out of competing for a few months but she's gradually getting back into it. She's an APH and generally not my favourite breed of horse but I like her a lot. She's the loudest out of all the horses in the aisle and will let me know when she wants feeding. Usually by whinnying at the top of her lungs or kicking the sides of her stable in a tantrum. She is my spirit animal :laughing: She's Alice's horse but she wants to give teach me on Nikora because she's the perfect horse to get to grips on- I know my stuff but I guess I haven't ridden competitively before and I know there's a lot to learn. Maybe next time I update I'll be riding Nikki, fingers crossed :fingers_crossed_tone2:

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