WICF : Boxe Ladies or Hurddles

  • Is there a way to put hedges outside a lot? I mean by putting boxes ladies in a world that is being built ?

    is there a mod or other means of putting the boxe ladieHere (packages or packs ) or hedges in CAW

    here for the pasture

  • not ideas ?

  • There is a way that you can enable items (any item I think, with creator's permission of course) to show up in CAW so you can use it there. I'm sure if you use a search engine you'll find a tutorial on how to do it :)

    Otherwise, you can place lots down in CAW that you want to use for your pastures and actually create them in-game with the EIG feature of CAW. You can use that to paint the terrain and shape the pastures how you want them (on the lot you place down) and put your hedges down too, if you don't wish to enable the items to show up in the CAW item catalogue :)

  • I think @Lythaera-Bohm has done this before.

  • thank you for the answer but...

    I already look on the search engine I can not find ... but according to you it is possible to put this kind of hedge in the aw

  • @Breanna-Fahnestock said in WICF : Boxe Ladies or Hurddles:

    I think @Lythaera-Bohm has done this before.

    Really . ?

  • Breed Committee

    @Nina-Ricchi said in WICF : Boxe Ladies or Hurddles:

    @Breanna-Fahnestock said in WICF : Boxe Ladies or Hurddles:

    I think @Lythaera-Bohm has done this before.

    Really . ?

    I haven't personally, usually I just ask @Fiora-Healy to do it for me bc I'm too lazy to figure it out myself. Too many other things I've gotta cram into my head when it comes to modding sims 3 an all that. Recently I asked Fiora to do these boxy ladies and she did, but they kept coming out weird colors (short ones being purplely grey and the tall ones being a burnt orange) instead of green and we both were rather puzzled by it. If you can get the nice dark green ones working, I'd actually be interested in grabbing them off you.

    Here, have this tutorial. Pretty sure this is the one that explains how to CAW-enable objects.

    Godspeed, friend.

  • ok i try . thank you

    Do you know where I can find multiple batches together already built

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