Rosewood's Import Service

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    Terms of Service
    • Horse MUST have the prefix "Rosewood's" and you may not add your own.
    • Please submit registration within 4 weeks, and use my ID (#9711) as the Creator ID on the Main Site. I absolutely understand if you're waiting to purchase credits!
    • Feel free too make any changes you'd like to the import, but please do not change anything major!
    • Please be sure you can pay for the horse. NOTE: In some cases I will be willing to do horse trades or breeding reservations rather than payment in exchange for the import.
    • Whatever the payment may be, it is due before I send the files. I will check with you when the horse is complete and to your liking before asking for payment.
    • If you plan to sell the horse, please let me know because I will likely want it back. I’ll pay a minimum of the import fee and will pay extra if the horse has a good show history.
    • I have the right to refuse any request for any reason, including but not limited to anything from a complicated coat out of my talent range to a previous issue with the owner.
    • If you have any questions, please contact me as soon as you can!

    All imports come with custom markings which are not to be shared publicly ,and are to be used on the horse they are made for only.

    ○ Blind Import: $12,000
    If you wish to be more specific in your request --
    ○ Base Price: $10,000
    ○ Patterned Coat: +$5,000
    ○ Stallion: +$1,000
    ○ Breeding Straws (for Geldings): +$500 each, max 5.

    Application Form
    Horse's Name: Rosewood's...
    Coat Color:

    Horse Type (stock, warmblood, etc.):
    Horse Gender:
    Anything you DON'T want:

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  • ANy arabian imports?

  • PR Committee

    @Treyvor-Storm I don't have any refs of Arabs I've made without using another person's template but I'm open to all breeds!

  • PR Committee

    Import for @Kody-Böhming


    Rosewood's Mocha Rose
    5 y/o Grade (Stock)
    50% Quarab / 25% MFT / 25% Friesian
    Sable Cream Tobiano

    Rosewood is always on the hunt for horses for our staff trail rides. "Mocha" was a purchase we made two years ago at a stock auction.
    She came from a farm that one of our riders used to work at, and she insisted that Mocha would be a great addition. And she very much
    was! However, we can tell she's bored. Rosewood doesn't compete in Western save for a couple of personal horses competing under our
    name, so we just simply aren't equipped to handle many more western competitiors. Mocha is a dream on the trail, very curious but
    well mannered. We are sad to see her go, but know she will be happier somewhere where she can show off her skills.

    Mocha is simply the perfect trail horse, and can ride in the front, middle, and back of the pack. However, it's recommended that
    she is given a bit of room when crossing water when another horse is in front of her, because the splash occasionally annoys her.
    She loves to get the chance to run at the end of the ride, and will get antsy when she knows she's on her way home. Mocha gets
    along with almost any horse, but won't tolerate one who wants to play rough.

  • PR Committee

    Import for @Richard-Sterling


    Rosewood's Riverdane
    7 y/o Grade (Baroque)
    50% Friesian / 50% American Paint Horse
    Silver Bay Roan Overo

    Dane is a big, goofy boy who loves to stand out in the rain. He is always making the staff laugh with his antics, be it "talking" into the fan in his stall while he's waiting for food, to all but jumping into the river during trail rides. Dane has two years of experience in Western Pleasure before his move to Rosewood, where we began working with him in Dressage. We didn't get very far with him due to our work with the horses in our show roster, but he has done very well with what we have done with him. He is still young and could be trained in a multitude of disciplines, and he absolutely has potential in whatever field he may be shown in.

  • PR Committee

    Another Import for @Richard-Sterling !


    Rosewood's Hivernal
    5 y/o Grade (Pony)
    50% Knabstrupper / 50% Icelandic
    Red Dun Leopard

    Nala is a bit of a strange one. Essentially a fatter, pony-sized Knabstrupper, you wouldn't expect her to be much more than a little child's lesson pony. She is so much more than that! She has wonderful movement, including a very nice Tölt from her Icelandic side. Her heratige was a bit of a mystery to us, we bought her because she was too cute to pass up at first, but we've done testing to find her breed makeup and genetics for her new owner.

    Nala needs a intermediate to experienced rider, or one who can deal with her quirks. She gets bored working on the same thing over and over, and will need to be challenged otherwise she may act up. She has had basic ground work done and could excel in any given discipline if given the training!

  • Are you still taking requests?

  • PR Committee

    I am still open, yes! (Though you already got to me on slack)

  • @Andrea-Burdine Yeah thought i'd aks you on both incase you don't go on the forum much hehe

  • Horse's Name: Rosewood's...
    Gender: Mare
    Breed: Normandy Cob


    I would like the coat to be something like this. Obviously doesn't have to be exact but as long as it has a rich colored coat i'm happy <3
    alt text

    Coat Color: Chestnut
    Purpose: Some sort of dressage (haven't decided between Dressage, Western Dressage, and Classical Dressage)

  • PR Committee

    To Do

    1. Kira Simpson - Seal Brown Gypsy Vanner mare - Done
    2. Lindsey Warren - Chestnut Normandy Cob Mare - Marking Done

  • PR Committee

    Import for @Kira-Simpson


    ARC Marisol
    12 y/o Gypsy Vanner
    Seal Brown

    Mari is an absolute treasure! Our client requested a lesson horse for a timid rider, and this sweetheart is perfect for that. An older mare who has a lot of trail experience, she is essentially bombproof. Mari is an excellent teacher, very patient with her rider and responsive to all commands. She has foundation in both western and english, so she would make an excellent beginner's mount in whatever our young rider may be showing in.

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    Import for @Lindsey-Warren

    0_1534979258958_ARC Cincinnati.jpg

    ARC Cincinnati
    7 y/o Normandy Cob

    We can't quite narrow down Cici's personality. Some days she is an absolute nightmare, the reason the "chestnut horses are crazy" myth exists, and other days she is an angel. Nothing seems to trigger her mood swings, they just... happen. Regardless, we wee a lot of talent in this big girl. Even on her worst days, she is able to restrain herself enough to perform very well during training. Much of Cici's training has been done with Western, but we have started her in English riding in the short time we have had her.

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