Rosewood's Import Service

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    Terms of Service
    • Horse MUST have the prefix "Rosewood's" and you may not add your own.
    • Show homes take priority. This means that I will work on horses that will be shown ahead of any horses used for other purposes, such as breeding or pleasure, before others. (Ex. If you put in a request for a broodmare, and someone else requests a show horse, I will work on theirs first if I have not done yours.)
    • Please submit registration within 4 weeks, and use my ID (#9711) as the Creator ID on the Main Site.
    • Mane and Tail styles, clips, and other minor changes to the horse may be made. Please do not change markings or coat features unless there is a problem registering the horse.
    • Please be sure you can pay for the horse. NOTE: In some cases I will be willing to do horse trades or breeding reservations rather than payment in exchange for the import.
    • Whatever the payment may be, it is due before I send the files. I will check with you when the horse is complete and to your liking before asking for payment.
    • If you plan to sell the horse, please let me know because I will likely want it back. I’ll pay a minimum of the import fee and will pay extra if the horse has a good show history.
    • I have the right to refuse any request for any reason, including but not limited to anything from a complicated coat out of my talent range to a previous issue with the owner.
    • If you have any questions, please contact me as soon as you can!

    All imports come with custom markings which are not to be shared publicly ,and are to be used on the horse they are made for only.

    ○ Blind Import: $12,000
    If you wish to be more specific in your request --
    ○ Base Price: $10,000
    ○ Patterned Coat: +$5,000
    ○ Stallion: +$1,000
    ○ Breeding Straws (for Geldings): +$500 each, max 5.

    Application Form
    Horse's Name: Rosewood's...
    Coat Color:

    Horse Type (stock, warmblood, etc.):
    Horse Gender:
    Anything you DON'T want:

  • PR Committee

  • ANy arabian imports?

  • PR Committee

    @Treyvor-Storm I don't have any refs of Arabs I've made without using another person's template but I'm open to all breeds!

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