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    Welcome to Geneva Parks Blog!

    Geneva Park was founded by Emilia Gardner, a 23 years old Equestrian who used to work at the Hetting Ranch, in New Nevada, USA. After working there for about two years, she quickly realized that she wanted to pursue her own dream of owning a stable, and moved to Switzerland. She started over there without any facilities and only a handful of horses, who currently are stabled at a boarding stable.
    But everything is finally getting together, the facilities are being build, a website is under construction, and, after falling in love with a local warmblood breed, the Freiberger horse, Emilia has purchased a few more horses, coming up to a total of 11 horses.
    Every stable once started out small, but Emilia is determined to breed Freibergers and German Riding Ponies, as well as some warmbloods. All of the horses compete in Eventing or Dressage.

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    Holy crap, Pandora :heart_eyes: What a beautify ashy tone she has. I love the look of your world too, it looks dramatic!

  • Yep, stalking your blog :) specially if your imports are anything to go by :heart_eyes:

  • @Luke-Teth @Nora-Pigott Thank you both! <3 The world is actually Lake of the Woods, by Tiffany Tieman :blush:

  • Meet the Staff!

    For our website which is currently in development, we have taken some staff pictures, I wanted to show you! For a long time, it was only Emilia and Clarissa after they had left the US together, but it became clear very soon that they would need more help to take care and compete their horses.

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    Clarissa Fields

    Clarissa and Emilia met when they both were working for Lena Hetting in Nevada, and quickly became best friends. 21 years old Clarissa is a very self confident person and always there to back Emilia up. She even moved to Switzerland with her. and is now helping Emilia manage Geneva park and train and compete our Freibergers. Due to her short height, she has started to help out with the German Riding Ponies that are too difficult for Maddi to ride as well.

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    Chris Carter

    Chris and his daughter Maddi moved from England to Switzerland, when Maddi was only 4 years old after the death of her mother. He wanted to start over with his daughter, and now works as a veterinarian in Geneva. He makes sure our horses stay healthy and able to compete, and at one of his many visits, he brought along his now 12 years old daughter, Maddi, who quickly showed her talent around horses and in saddle, and is training at Geneva Park.

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    Maddi Carter

    Maddi is 12 years old and generally gets along better with animals than with humans. She is very shy and needs a lot of time to open up to someone, but she is starting to become part of the team. She is being trained by Emilia and Dijana, and shows great talent for Dressage. She currently rides our German Riding Ponies Dreamlady HMF, Reeta GV and Galileo GV.

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    Dijana Stenger

    While her parents are from Macedonia, 24 years old Dijana grew up in Switzerland. She took riding lessons since she was a little kid and her courage makes her an amazing Eventing competitor. She is best friends with Reyes, and the two of them are responsible for training and competing our warmbloods, with Dijana doing Eventing, and Reyes doing Dressage.

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    Reyes Chavez

    18 years old Reyes is currently busy with her upcoming graduation, but she still makes time to work at the stable and train and compete our Dressage warmbloods. Her dream is to focus on her career as a rider, but her parents think she should go to university and get a real job, creating a lot of conflict between them.

  • Looking great!

  • @Breanna-Fahnestock Thank you <3

    The Horses - Thoroughbreds

    Since I'm currently updating my horses and taking pics for our website, I decided to use those pics to introduce our horses to you! Starting off with my beloved thoroughbreds, both created by @Treyvor-Storm.

    BP Lenamore

    alt text

    Lena is 10 years old and being ridden and competed by Dijana Stenger. She is by far our most successful and experienced mare with 101 points and a State Champion title in Eventing. We are hoping for her to reach the 200 points before retiring for breeding. She is 16 hh and currently passes on 3 bonus points to her offspring, as she is a foundation.

    BP River Styx

    alt text

    River is a 6 years old Bay Reversed Brindle stallion ridden by Emilia Gardner who has just started his career. He is currently at 12 points in Eventing and 5 points in Dressage, but we are sure that he will do great in future! With his amazing movements and his stunning look he is an eyecatcher not only at Geneva Park but at every show we visit.

  • Lovely! Lena has always been one of my fave creations :D Maybe someday I can aquire a foal of hers

  • @Treyvor-Storm Thank you! She's definitely my favorite too <3 And I'm sure we can figure something out about a foal ;)

    The Horses - Warmbloods

    Next up are our warmbloods. As we are a small stable only focusing on a few horses to make sure they all get the attention they deserve, we only have three warmbloods at the moment, who will be the foundation of our future lines someday.

    WHEC Zodiac

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    Zodiac is a 13 years old minmal tobiano gray Trakehner stallion created by @Isabel-Shipper. He stands at 16.2 hh and is being competed by Dijana Stenger, our eventing rider. He currently holds a State Champion title in Eventing with a total of 108 points, passing on 3 bonus points to his offspring.

    Celtic's Waterlily

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    Being the youngest horse at our stable right now, Lily is an Irish Sport Horse yearling. She was bred by @Jase-Sunshine and we consider ourselves very lucky for being able to win her at her auction. While she still has time before starting training at 3 years old, she will likely be trained by Emilia herself in future and we are looking forward to see her futher development! Due to her strong pedigree and the 22 bonus points she receives in Eventing, we are sure she'll do amazing in shows!

    PSS Royal Boy

    alt text

    Roy is a 14 years old Dutch Warmblood stallion standing at 16.3 hh and competing in Dressage with his rider Reyes Chavez. We just recently bought him from @Katherine-Star-Ackles and we are happy to welcome him to our team! He currently holds a State Champion title with 111 points and passes on 3 bonus points to his offspring.

  • The Horses - Freibergers

    Next up: the main focus and reason why we founded this stable, our Freiberger horses! The Freiberger horse is a relatively unknown breed not only on Equus, but in real life as well. Due to that, all of our horses are foundations and have just started their career. Some of you might know them already from the imports I create for the public.

    Hercules GV

    alt text

    Hercules is 4 years old, and a prefect example for an original Freiberger with almost no foreign blood mixed in. He stands at 16.2 hh and is very muscular. As most Freibergers, he is very calm and gentle, and would also be perfect for driving disciplines. They are very versatile horses, and as such, Hercules competes in Eventing and Dressage.

    Cirrata GV

    alt text

    Cirrata is a rather unusual Freiberger mare. The 6 years old mare is a Dominant White (Chestnut Mare) competing in Eventing with her rider Clarissa Fields. She hasn't been very lucky, and thus has no points yet, so we are very interested to see how she develops in future, and hope that she will pass on her beautiful coat color to her offspring.

    Cinnabar's Amaranthine

    alt text

    Amy is a 5 years old flaxen chestnut sabino mare who was created for us by @Cole-Tieman. She competes in Dressage and currently holds 11 points. As all of our Freibergers, she hast just started her career and we are very curious what the future holds for her.

    Solana GV

    alt text

    Solana was supposed to be an import for a member that went inactive 4 months ago without registering her or creating a profile for her. Since she was one of my favorite imports, I have decided to take her back and show her myself. She is a flaxen chestnut and 3 years old, she will compete in Dressage as well.

    Andra GV

    alt text

    And last but not least, there is Andra, a 5 years old sooty by mare, who will compete in Dressage with her rider Clarissa Fields. We are very excited to see what the future brings for our Freibergers and hope that the breed will become at least a little more popular on Equus!

  • Andra and Hercules are my favs :blush: :heart_eyes_cat:

  • So great that Lily found such a loveing and caring home. I hope she will earn you a lot of prize money. The coat of Amaranthine is so great.

  • @Jase-Sunshine Thank you, I'm soooo happy to have her, and can't wait until I can start showing her <3

    The Horses - German Riding Ponies

    I've finally finished updating all my horses and finished taking pictures of them for my website! So last but not least, here are our ponies! Some of them you might already know from my first post, but there are some new additions.

    Reeta GV

    alt text

    Even though Reeta is only 4 years old, she has proven herself to be an amzing children's pony during her training with Maddi, so much, that we have now decided between that she will be a lesson horse for our beginners to start training on between her shows. You can even send a kid to hack out alone with her, or do a cross country parcour, and she always brings your child back home safe and sound. She competes in Eventing and Dressage with her rider Maddi Carter.

    Galileo GV

    alt text

    Galileo is an incredibly gentle and calm 4,5 years old Cremello stallion. He doesn't behave like a stallion at all, more like a gelding, so much that we even trust him to be ridden by Maddi. The two of them compete together in Eventing and Dressage, with currently 4 points in Eventing. He has a great career ahead of him, and we can't wait to see his first (hopefully colorful) foals!

    Dabria GV

    alt text

    Dabria is a stunning buckskin mare with countershading, who just recently arrived. We have not started her under saddle yet due to her young age, but are really excited how she'll do in shows in the future. So far she seems to be a very friendly mare, sharing a pasture with Dreamlady, Pandora and Reeta, even though she is a bit shy.

    Pandora GV

    alt text

    Even though her size and build would make her a great children's pony in theory, Pandora is anything but. We don't know if something in her past causes her aggressive behavior towards children, but you can't let any little children near her. So far, Clarissa has been working with her, training and showing her in Dressage. In future, once Maddi gains some more experience and self-confidence, we'll slowly work on introducing Pandora to Maddi, hoping that the two of them will be able to work together.

    Dreamlady HMF

    alt text

    This stunning mare was the first German Riding Pony ever at Geneva Park, by our good friend @Céline-LeMaître . She was the pony that taught Maddi how to ride, and by now the two of them are an amazing team and have reached 40 points in Dressage together. And just recently, Lady had her first foal, a beautiful bay colt named RFE Somnio by Welsh B stallion Barrington Sconfinato.

    RFE Somnio

    alt text

    And lastly, I'm very excited to introduce you to the very first foal to be born at Geneva Park (look out for those foal pictures, they will come soon!). Somnio is a German Riding Pony colt out of our mare Dreamlady HMF and by @Lidija-Rotherford Welsh B stallion Barrington Sconfinato. We are so excited to see him grow up, and with his predigree and +6 bonus points in Dressage, we are sure he'll do great in shows!

  • Geeeez he is super cute!!!

  • Dreamlady got a pretty awesome Offspring there :heart_eyes:
    I am in love with all your horses seriously :heart:

  • Oh Somnio is awesome! :D

  • Royal <3 lovely pictures :)

  • PANDORA! oh my goodness she is a beauty. Love that roan marking! totally need it in my game :heart_eyes:

  • Wow, Emilia, those are some gorgeous horses! :heart_eyes: I adore your Freibergers, especially Andra, and think your horses make great promotions for the breed. I think that's going to happen with the ponies as well, as I can already feel my resolve weakening looking at those GRPs. If Somnio or Pandora go missing . . . :eyes:

  • Thank you all for your kind words, they really made my day <3

    @Lidija-Rotherford Yes, he's so amazing, thank you so much again!
    @Céline-LeMaître Well, Dreamlady is an amazing mare, I'm so happy to have her, and I'm sure Somnio will follow in her footsteps!
    @Claire-von-Hohenfeld Thank you, he's really so cute, love his look <3
    @Katherine-Star-Ackles We are so glad to have him, I'm sure he'll do great!
    @Neeve-Kalford Thank you, if you're interested, I'm pretty sure it's one of Luke's Roan markings :blush:
    @Erin-Ward Thanks, that really means a lot to me! <3 I just think this breed is so amazing, and hope I can show that to some more people!

    So recently, we entered our first horse in the Grading show! I hope I can get some more entries done, but I'm not sure becaused right now I'm really stressed out sadly. Anyway, here is Solana's entry with Reyes!

    alt text

  • "Hey Clarissa... Do you remember when I told you I'd just go look at the foals at the Marché-Concours?", Emilia asked when walking into the tack room, where her best friend sat, putting away Pandora's tack after a training session with Dijana.
    "I do, but never actually believed a word of what you said, so spill, what did you buy?", she laughed.
    "Oh come on, I'm not that obvious! I really tried, but there was this super cute Freiberger colt, with an amazing pedigree... His sire is Helix after all! And we've been talking about getting at least one more colt, so that Somnio has a friend, he needs other horses his age!"
    "Well, actually, we were talking about getting foal boarders, so that he wouldn't be alone... Not quite the same, Emmy. Do you have any pictures of him? When are we going to pick him up? What's his name even?", Clarissa asked, now curious. It's not like they didn't have the space. While some of the stable buildings weren't quite finished yet, the big and spacious pastures with sheds for their youngsters had been finished a long time ago.
    "Yes, I took some pictures at the auction, just look at him!"

    alt text
    alt text

    "Soo," Emilia started explaining, "he's 4 months old and we can pick him up in three months, but he doesn't really have a name yet... Well not one that I like anyways. So we'll have to look for a name that starts with an H for him!"
    "Oh, I'm sure we'll find one that fits him until he arrives!", Clarissa said grinning, "but I need to get ready for the next lesson now, Dijana and me will be working with Cirrata, she's been a bit difficult lately, you wanna watch?"
    "Sure!", Emilia agreed, heading out the door with her friend, to get the young Freiberger mare ready.

    So, I'm really nervous as this is my first text entry, my first foal confo and coat :grinning: Also, I'm looking for ideas for this colts name, so let me know what you think!

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