[Ends 24hrs ALB] WWREC Downsize Auction

  • WWREC Auction


    • Please do not share the horse (mass download). Only share (to new owner) files if they are being sold. First contact us if you are gonna sell them.
    • Do not alter coat or conformation in any way. Shine and detail markings may be edited though as long as it doesn't affect the coat too much as i understand everyone has their own preferences.
    • Please do not change their name as it has been given for a reason. Also, please do not remove or add your own prefix. The horse has to keep WWREC, or they current prefix if it isnt mine.
    • This horses is being sold off as show horses. So please please please, enter them in every show possible. Active Show home only
    • You may geld/breed/sell them as you wish. If you are interested in selling them, please contact me first as i may want to buy them back.
    • If you are missing markings, please feel free to add similar ones, or just remake the marking. I will NOT help you find missing markings.
    • They has mainsites which will be linked under their pictures.
    • Please add an emoji to your first bid so i know you have read the rules. :heart:

    WWREC SvenskenSold via Autobuy

    Breed Arabian
    Gender Stallion
    DOB 01/16
    Color Blood Bay Rabicano
    Genotype EE/Aa/Rbrb
    Height 12 hh
    Discipline Endurance 10 Points
    Secondary Discipline Show Jumping 0 points

    SBS Kietche

    Breed Campolina
    Gender Mare
    DOB 01/16
    Color Chestnut
    Genotype ee aa
    Height 16 hh
    Discipline Dressage
    Not Registered Yet

    Dogwood's Hardley Dun It

    Breed Mule
    Gender Mare
    DOB 01/13
    Color Brown Tobiano
    Genotype At/A+, E/e, T/t
    Height 15 hh
    Discipline Flat Racing 31 points (1 Bonus)
    Secondary Discipline Show Hunter 18 points

    Starting Bid For All: $2,000
    Min Bid: $1,000
    No max Bid
    There is Autobuy

  • Dogwood's Hardley Dun It = SB

    I'm here again. :D

  • @Irene-Crownguard said in [Ends 24hrs ALB] WWREC Downsize Auction:

    Dogwood's Hardley Dun It = SB

    I'm here again. :D

    Accepted :D

  • Congratulation to @Irene-Crownguard you got yourself another mule from us :) Sent you a PM

    Still 1 horse left!

  • SBS Kietche - SB ♥

  • @Levi-Rosenthal said in [Ends 24hrs ALB] WWREC Downsize Auction:

    SBS Kietche - SB ♥

    Accepted! :)

  • Congratulation to @Levi-Rosenthal for winning SBS Kietche, I've sent you a PM :)

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