[OPEN] Volte's Marking/Import Service

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    • Please use my prefix (VLT) and my creator id #4747 when registering on the main site
    • Please register your horse within 1 ES year
    • For coats you may make any minor adjustments you'd like. Mane/tail styles may be changed to your liking, but please keep the color the same. For imports please do not make any major changes to the coat other than mane/tail styles. Shine markings may also be adjusted to your liking
    • Please only use custom markings for that specific horse.
    • Payment must be sent before I send files over
    • Each import/coat will have a custom markings
    • If you give me a reference photo please do not expect the markings to be exactly as they are in the photo, I will try but it is more for reference
    • If you have any questions, please contact me as soon as you can!


    • Blind Simple Import: $7,000 (includes custom face/leg markings)

    • Blind Complex Import: $10,000 (includes custom face/leg/full body markings)

    • Import: $10,000 (includes custom face/leg markings)

    • Face Marking: $2,000

    • Full Body markings: +$7,000 (depends on complexity)

    Import Application:
    Horse's Name: VLT
    Coat Color: (can include reference photos)

    Blind Import Application
    Horse Type (stock, warmblood, etc.):
    Horse Gender:
    Anything you DON'T want:

    Marking Application:
    Face or Full body?:
    Reference Photos: (or explain what you'd like)

  • Coat Examples- 1 - 2

    Full Body Custom Examples- 1 - 2 - 3

    Face Marking Examples- 1 - 2 - 3


    1. Aerys Ell - Finnish Warmblood

  • Blind Import Application:
    Horse Type (stock, warmblood, etc.): warmblood
    Horse Gender: Mare
    Anything you DON'T want: no body markings other than face and legs

  • Horse Type (stock, warmblood, etc.): warmblood
    Horse Gender: mare
    Anything you DON'T want: chestnut, light bay, loud white markings (like big stockings or blaze)

    Thank you :heart:

  • This post is deleted!

  • Services now open again! And now offering full body custom markings! :santa:

  • Little bump :)

  • Competition Committee

    Import Application:
    Horse's Name: VLT (Creator's Choice)
    Gender: (Creator's Choice)
    Breed: Hackney
    Coat Color: (Creator's Choice)

    Import Application:
    Horse's Name: VLT (Creator's Choice)
    Gender: (Creator's Choice)
    Breed: Hackney Pony
    Coat Color: (Creator's Choice)

    Hopefully I'm allowed to make two orders at once. :3

  • VLT Artison
    Gender: Stallion
    Breed: Hackney Pony
    Coat Color: Seal Bay

    "Arty" as we call him, is bold and fearless. He isn't afraid of much so he makes a great mount for any age, despite being a stallion. He is gentle and calm around the barn, and a general joy to have around. His flashy markings and movement makes him a great candidate for many disciplines.

    I hope you like him Maize! I am almost finished with your other request! Feel free to change his name if you'd like :)

  • Competition Committee

    He is quite the charmer and what a cute name. :heart_eyes:
    Would you like me to pay for him now or wait for the other import then pay for them together? :3

  • Horse's Name: VLT (Creator's choice)
    Gender: Stallion
    Breed: Finnish Warmblood
    Coat Color: Marking Left Side (I would like this bay color) | Marking Right Side
    (I am expecting the marking costs more than $10,000 and that is not a problem)

  • VLT Wisperle
    Gender: Mare
    Breed: Hackney
    Coat Color: Black

    "Elly" is a lovely quiet mare that could go in any direction. She seems to really love the spotlight and shines in the show ring. She often can be heard pawing at her stall door for some attention and treats.

    I hope you like them! After payment, if you could message me your email I will send the files over!

  • Competition Committee

    Awwww, what a sweetheart! Sending payment over. :3

  • little bump

    Added some new examples!

    @Aerys-Ell are you still interested in your import? I'm sorry it has taken so long!

  • Marking Application
    Fullbody Tobiano

    Reference Here

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