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  • Our history so far...

    I managed to lose all my game data again yep, I need a new computer so here I am restarting my blog.
    You can add this to the fact that I can't manage the code here and voilá, you have a messy blog with some horses here and there. Anyway I hope you enjoy my little journey with my beloved animals.

    Still no pretty editing though. I can't afford a tablet lol

    It was a sunny day. Not the typical foggy day you may expect from the spanish autumn, but a nice, lovely day for a little outdoor time for the younger horses.
    Russell (left) and Kurt (right) the twins fraternal but twins anyway took two beautiful 2 y.o mares and so the magic happened.
    The grey one is a pure andalusian. The little roan is a purebred Mangalarga Marchador. Both foundation ;)
    2_1508959670060_divinabailonga2.jpg 1_1508959670059_divinabailonga1.jpg 0_1508959670059_Divina1.jpg

  • Gosh, it's roan season around here. Divine is just divine :wink:

  • @Luke-Teth she's a flawless being. Too good for life.

  • More young horses.
    This time it's Fortuna, our part-arab girl. she'll turn 3 y.o in november.
    1_1509036439621_Screenshot-30.jpg 0_1509036439620_Screenshot-29.jpg

  • Do you remember this girl over here?
    She's actually a young adult, so I made her a makeover ;)

    Riding her favourite mare, as usual (Diana, a purebred andalusian)

  • This post is deleted!

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    Let me introduce you to our youngest stallions. Both of them are andalusian x tb and dressage prospects. They'll be registered soon :)

    2_1509552120248_Screenshot-70.jpg 1_1509552120248_Screenshot-68.jpg 0_1509552120247_Screenshot-67.jpg

    2_1509552183524_Screenshot-74.jpg 1_1509552183524_Screenshot-73.jpg 0_1509552183524_Screenshot-72.jpg

    Both of them are 3 y.o and soon they'll start being ridden.
    Poniente is an extremely sweet guy and a keeper with breeding purposes.
    Emisario is a little handful to manage sometimes but probably he'll end up being sold or gelded.
    He can enjoy his manhood while it lasts :laughing:

  • sold, you say? 👀👀👌

    They're both gorgeous! ❤😙

  • @Luke-Teth said in ☼☼CUATRO SOLES☼☼:

    sold, you say? 👀👀👌

    They're both gorgeous! ❤😙

    :call_me_tone1:Yep, probably I'll sell him to a good home :dancer_tone1:

  • Theyre so beautiful! love their markings

  • Last but no least, let me introduce you our 6 y.o andalusian stallion Trópico
    He's the only buckskin andalusian I've owned till now.
    I've made him with several crosses to create this andalusian template for my personal use :) second picture is unposed
    3_1509749140791_Screenshot-87.jpg 2_1509749140791_Screenshot-79.jpg 1_1509749140791_Screenshot-78.jpg 0_1509749140790_Screenshot-77.jpg

  • @Neeve-Kalford thank you! ^^

  • Some pictures:

    • Trópico & Poniente enjoying the arena.
      Alea, one of our riders.
      Marla. Lyanne's mother with her mare, Diana.
      Curtis (A.K.A Kurt) one of the stable managers.
      Russell (A.K.A Russ) the other stable manager. Marla's husband and Lyanne's father.

    5_1509830375139_Screenshot-96.jpg 4_1509830375139_Screenshot-95.jpg 3_1509830375139_Screenshot-93.jpg 2_1509830375139_Screenshot-92.jpg 1_1509830375139_Screenshot-91.jpg 0_1509830375139_Screenshot-90.jpg

  • Two of our newest additions.

    Cartago (Foundation CDE, dappled grey) and Susurro (by Trópico & Redania. Andalusian/KWPN mix -also a CDE-)
    1_1512867423282_Screenshot-137.jpg 0_1512867423282_Screenshot-136.jpg

  • I love Susurro's blue eye, it's so striking against his coat!

  • Both of these are stunners! Wow... I can only imagine them in show tack killing it in the arena!

  • Our Sport horse Limbo testing Katherine's pasture pose.
    He'll probably be for sale next year. I was bored and made him just for fun.

  • Awwww .... nice to see my poses in use ! and the horse is stunning !! Will definetly bid on him when he will be up for sale !!!

  • 0_1515077538267_Screenshot-171.jpg
    Our boys enjoying the warmer days!

  • Banned

    Ohh, the right one is so stunning!

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