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    Hello all you lovely people :heart:
    I'm on horsey hunt again, of course. I've decided to expand my collection a little further. I don't have much time so I'll be short in my description of what I'm looking for. This post will probably be edited once I get back home tomorrow.
    I apologize for the mess which will occur in this post until then.

    I'm looking for Thoroughbreds; OTTBs in particular. Either horses which have already been re-trained or someone you want to be retrained! These horses don't have to be registered, but I prefer if they are. Foundations are also welcome. No breedings, please. I can also consider those who are not OTTB as well, but then needs to be competing in an english discipline.

    I'm also looking for a few Selle Francais, high-quality conformation and coat is required. 2nd generation or higher, so no foundations, please. Breedings are fine, both traditional and BIY. Needs to be registered and already competing unless it's a breeding.

    For payment, I can offer cash, sims or custom markings(only face markings for now).
    Please DM on slack or contact me on PM if you might have something!

  • I can offer a breeding to my Selle mare Jadis du Tussock (on my phone so I can't link) or to my stallion Jiva :) Let me know!

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