Starting Over...what do I need to run Sims 3 again?

  • Starting over with a brand new PC build, I need some help remembering what I need to run Sims 3 like for example the link for the super patch to get the game to function, must have CC, and tips on how to make the transition go smooth and quick.
    I have Windows 10, 64 bit.

  • For some reason its asking for my product key all over again and not sure where it is for the expansions.

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    I had an issue in the past where I had registered a key on my account but it had forgotten it. What I did was I contacted customer support and they were very helpful! Hope you can get your game together! As for CC I would personally ask around, see if people might be willing to share their CC lists/folders, other wise you will be spending days gathering all of the must have CC ;)

  • I know Christina shared her entire CC folder on the other forum somewhere but I can't remember for certain what thread it was in. :thinking: (I think it might have been her album)

  • Thanks guys I got my product keys so that is a start :)

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