[FOUND] Looking for Horses

  • Hey Guys :D

    As you maybe saw, I just came back from a half year break (or longer? :thinking: )
    Now I am looking for some Horses who are used storywise and for starting over competitions here again ^.^

    Horses should be:

    • Warmbloods, Stocks, Barroques, Arabians, Thoroughbreds or Ponys
    • Age between 4 and 15 y/o
    • Import/Breeding (I don't care really xd)
    • Dressage, Show Jumping, Reining, Eventing
    • Competing Level is irrelevant too

    I would like to:

    • be allowed to change Size (so they fit into my other Bunch of Horses - if no need I don't do so)
    • add/remove shine/detail markings

    I would guarantee:

    • Horse(s) will be shown in pictures
    • Horse(s) will be shown in Competitions
    • Horse(s) will have a nice new Home with lovely people caring for it and nice new Horse buddies!

    I pay with:

    • Poses
    • Equus Money (but as I start out I don't have that many xd)
    • Website Design
    • maybe other options too but need to be talked about

    Contact over PM here on the Forum or over Slack :)

    Happy simming :) <3

    Warning: I could be picky ~sorry in advance :s~

  • PR Committee

    I'd be happy to import a couple of horses for you! I can do a special price or poses would be fabulous. I could do breedings too if you prefer. I have a few nice competitors to get you some bonuses to start out with!

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