Toledo's Berries Stables

  • :small_blue_diamond: Our new girls (Savoy and PCRA Scarlett ) have already made friends :smile_cat:
    Both mares are used to a new home. They eat well, walk, communicate with other horses. It is surprising that the girls made friends so quickly, although they came from different places
    alt text

    :small_blue_diamond: TBS Haori Enchantress and Andrew MacAdam
    Haori is a young mare of the Arabian breed. She has a great character and an unusual coat. Currently, she is coached by our seventeen year old sportsman Andrew MacAdam. They all get it!
    alt text

    :small_blue_diamond: ANSF Bonsoir Elliot
    alt text

    :small_blue_diamond: NF Ramsay and Mary Quincy
    A cruel boy is a bad boy. Ramsay is already 2 years old, but his character has not changed.
    alt text

  • Amazing Savoy , my old girl !! oh she is cute <3 i love so much NF ramsay too

  • Mymymy, beautiful newcomers :heart:
    PCRA Scarlett has such a shiny, smooth coat!

  • @Luke-Alhmann Savoy is a beautiful mare! She inspires me. Soon I send she to the competition. :smile_cat: Ramsey every year is getting worse, most likely we will make it a gelding. Maybe in this case he will calm down :sob:
    @Sorina-Collins thank you very much :heart_exclamation: Scarlett is good with us. And this brilliance very well chord with her coat :smirk:

  • The Ghost is Dancing RDI is quite an adult. Now he is performing for the first time in dressage!
    alt text

    EVEC Not My Style is gorgeous as always :heart_eyes:
    alt text

    P.S. processing my friend ^^

  • OH MY GOSH!!!! Zatanna!!! These are incredible! You are so talented, i could stare at these all day. So realistic, these are edited so so well. Dont mind me just sitting here staring! These are going straight into my favourites folder <3

    EDIT: Please send me these tails :joy:

  • Loving the first photo's composition and colors! And the second one's movement... that is some skill. Your horses are lovely <3

  • Can't stop staring, amazing pics! ❤

  • Ghost, wow!

  • Hey! Hello! I'm with you again))
    I have a lot of news and new photos of horses :heart:
    First I want to show the horses, bought from the participants EQUUS SIMS!

    :small_blue_diamond: Hanoverian stallion WR/FR Noxious 13 yo from @Emilia-Linnemäki
    alt text
    alt text
    Processing: my friend

    :small_blue_diamond: Dutch Warmblood stallion PSSC Made for Loving You 13 yo from @Deheive-Aro
    alt text

    :small_blue_diamond: ISH stallion DPPR Thaleio 5 yo
    alt text

    :small_blue_diamond: Thoroughbred mare EVEC Airman 6 yo from @Heather-Tann, ISH stallion DPPR Thaleio 5 yo and Dutch Warmblood stallion PSSC Made for Loving You 13 yo from @Deheive-Aro
    alt text

    :small_blue_diamond: Bavarian Warmblood stallion Atkins Gold 12 yo from @Richard-Sterling
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    :small_blue_diamond: Dutch Warmblood stallion RDEC Vinterburg 9 yo
    alt text
    alt text

    :small_blue_diamond: Dutch Warmblood stallion IRCE Luxury Boy 4 yo from @Shea-Hamilton
    alt text

    :small_blue_diamond: Thoroughbred stallion AWE Crazed Flier 4 yo from @Maritza-Aehrenthal
    alt text

    All I could not fit in one record, so wait for the continuation :angel:

  • Ohhh Noxious :heart: Did you know I bred him a looong time ago? He's the son of my stallion Neptune. Nox looks as handsome as ever!

  • @Alexander-Westerberg Wow, no, I didn't know about it (or I don't remember). That's cool. He is a very good stallion :smile_cat:

  • Welcome back! Your horses are so pretty! <3
    Cant wait to see more from you :D

  • It's great to see Luxury Boy back in action again! I hope he's performing very well like his sire :heart:

  • Beautiful pictures, I love the colour in them :)

  • Woah woah woah! What a gorgeous collection of pixel pons :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

  • So glad to see You back!! Lovely pictures as always ❤

  • finally found some time to reply :D
    All of your horses look amazing. They look so real and their coats are so smoooth

  • Woah-Woah! I am glad so many comments! Thanks you :heartbeat:

    @Nathalie-Jensen Thank you very much) I counted the days before I could return here. I will try to write posts more :smile:
    @Shea-Hamilton Lux - just a wonderful stallion! The director of our stable deals with him. According to her: Lux is very hardworking and smart boy :slight_smile:
    @Samantha-Jadirea Thank u :heart:
    @Annalena-Voigt Thank you))
    @Jade-Nguyen Oh thank you. In the near future I want to show you Zonnidus :smile_cat:
    @Claire-von-Hohenfeld Heh, thanks, I try)

  • The director of Toledo’s Berries Stables has finally brought her little children to an equestrian sport class. In our stable on a regular basis paid training for adults and children. We have a few horses of the proper level and character. Great sport, these horses are not pulled, but they can teach novice riders the basics of riding. Zatanna’s children often came to the stable (one could even say they lived there), but the woman did not allow them to ride horses, as they were too small for large horses, but we don’t have a pony. Last year, many middle-level horses arrived in Toledo, there are not enough professional riders at all, so it was decided to transfer these horses to a group for beginners.
    The twins are 8 years old, they are cheerful and now they will give everything away just to ride a horse. For Zatanna it was not an easy decision, she spent a lot of time training her children, but she really wants to transfer all her knowledge and skills to the kids, so that when they grow up, they can contribute to TBS and to equestrian sports in general.
    Both Troy and Cheryl are still satisfied and happy, the guys dream in the future to perform at the level of the grand prix (these are dreams of course they have :sweat_smile:). Well, time will tell, maybe they really will become champions!

    On photo Troy on TBS Haori Enchantress and Cheryl on Atkins Gold :slight_smile:
    alt text
    alt text

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