Toledo's Berries Stables

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    :small_blue_diamond: Our new girls (Savoy and PCRA Scarlett ) have already made friends :smile_cat:
    Both mares are used to a new home. They eat well, walk, communicate with other horses. It is surprising that the girls made friends so quickly, although they came from different places
    alt text

    :small_blue_diamond: TBS Haori Enchantress and Andrew MacAdam
    Haori is a young mare of the Arabian breed. She has a great character and an unusual coat. Currently, she is coached by our seventeen year old sportsman Andrew MacAdam. They all get it!
    alt text

    :small_blue_diamond: ANSF Bonsoir Elliot
    alt text

    :small_blue_diamond: NF Ramsay and Mary Quincy
    A cruel boy is a bad boy. Ramsay is already 2 years old, but his character has not changed.
    alt text

  • Amazing Savoy , my old girl !! oh she is cute <3 i love so much NF ramsay too

  • Mymymy, beautiful newcomers :heart:
    PCRA Scarlett has such a shiny, smooth coat!

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    @Luke-Alhmann Savoy is a beautiful mare! She inspires me. Soon I send she to the competition. :smile_cat: Ramsey every year is getting worse, most likely we will make it a gelding. Maybe in this case he will calm down :sob:
    @Sorina-Collins thank you very much :heart_exclamation: Scarlett is good with us. And this brilliance very well chord with her coat :smirk:

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    The Ghost is Dancing RDI is quite an adult. Now he is performing for the first time in dressage!
    alt text

    EVEC Not My Style is gorgeous as always :heart_eyes:
    alt text

    P.S. processing my friend ^^

  • OH MY GOSH!!!! Zatanna!!! These are incredible! You are so talented, i could stare at these all day. So realistic, these are edited so so well. Dont mind me just sitting here staring! These are going straight into my favourites folder <3

    EDIT: Please send me these tails :joy:

  • Loving the first photo's composition and colors! And the second one's movement... that is some skill. Your horses are lovely <3

  • Can't stop staring, amazing pics! ❤

  • Ghost, wow!

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