Rosewood Center's Affliliate Program is Looking for Members

  • PR Committee


    • 20% off all breeding fees (of a $5000 value or greater)
    • 40% off services including imports and markings (of a $2000 value or greater)
    • Ability to reserve foals from our foal crops before they are available to the public
    • Some presents throughout the year ;D


    • Active within the Equus Community
    • Must play the game realistically, following and sticking to an aging scale. Ideal partners are at the very least semi-competitive players.
    • Must focus on one of the following: Warmbloods, Andalusians, Thoroughbreds, Gypsy Vanners, Pintabians, Hunter-bred Stock Horses, or Hunter-bred Ponies

    Interested? Contact me here or through Slack!

  • If you're still looking, I'd be interested. I breed mostly(basically entirely) Dutch warmbloods

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