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    Hello Equus,
    It’s that time of the year - the end! - and we have a few pieces of news and changes to share.

    Directorship Changes

    Moderation Committee Director is now held by Samantha Lockhart
    Public Relations Committee Director is now held by Luke Teth
    Congratulations to you both!

    We are also saying the fondest of farewells to Julianna Croft as she steps down from her admin role. She has been an exemplary cornerstone of the Equus admin team for as long as we all can remember and we will miss her <3

    December Hiatus

    As we’ve done for the last two years, we will be putting competitions and registrations on hold over December for 2.5 maintenance, and so everyone has time to enjoy the holidays and experience the amazing advent we have planned!
    Shows and horse registrations will resume in January as per normal.

    Roleplay board

    We are reopening a roleplay board inside the Blogs section, and looking for other ways to enable roleplay and storytelling inside the community.
    Please remember to keep all role play and stories within equus content rules & have fun!

    New Title Names & Ribbon Challenge

    Long overdue! We’re looking at getting new title names for each discipline, along with hosting a challenge for getting some official ribbon / trophy graphics. Keep an eye out for relevant posts - we’ll be taking feedback & ideas regarding names!

    Questions / Comments / Concerns please post below, contact me privately, or shout out in the #equusdiscussion channel on our slack.

    Thanks guys!

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