Guests & New Members: How to Join Equus

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    Firstly, welcome to Equus! We are very happy to have you here, whether you're just visiting or are planning to join the family. Below is a checklist of sorts, to help you get approved on the main site and on the forum, and to make joining our community a little bit easier for everybody!

    Step 1 Joining the "Mane Site"
    Once you have the website open in your browser, please click Register and fill out the membership application.

    • You must be 13 or older to join Equus, either on the main site or on the forum!
    • You must provide a relevant avatar if you want to be approved. Here's an example that you are free to use. Please right click the image and save it, then upload it to Once uploaded, copy the DIRECT LINK and paste the link into the avatar URL field on your application.
    • Your username may be anything you like. However, your first and last name should be believable, even though they are fake. Equus is a "role-play-esque" forum and to keep people in character, we require members to use a first and last name. Take on the persona of your favorite sim, or be bold and make a new character!
    • We love to see fully fledged out profiles, so please take your time to be creative with your biography and other characteristics!

    Step 2 Joining the Forum
    If you're reading this, chances are you are ON the forum, but just in case, here is the link. Registration is pretty standard, but beware the date question! It is much like the sorting hat in Harry Potter, so think carefully!

    • You must join with the following username format: "Jane Doe" - Spacing between names IS allowed and required because the name needs to MATCH your main site account! When we're going through approvals in the forum member queue, the first thing we do is cross reference the names on the main site, so if your username is different or in the wrong format, you will be deleted. They. Must. Match!

    Step 3 Awaiting Approval
    If you've carefully read and followed these instructions, it makes our job a lot easier, and thus, you'll get approved much faster. When you have been approved, you should be able to successfully login to the main site and forum. After joining please head on over to the Blogs forum and introduce yourself! If you're having trouble getting approved, fear not, staff members are standing by to help. Head on over to the Help Desk on our forum to post as a guest for help.

    Thank you for reading!

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