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  • Dressage Barn


    Nestled amongst the hydrangeas and huckleberry lies a cozy small barn with homely wood doors that open onto the long aisle filled with now empty stalls. Once home to a small but successful dressage team, the barn has been standing empty until its details finally landed on the desk of Mr N. Greydale, owner of Monachyle Construction. A fresh coat of paint and new fences to frame the single pasture the barn overlooks and now we present this barn for sale;


    alt text


    The barn is built on a 64x64 lot, fully flat and located in a secret location. The barn will be shipped to you in a sims3pack to wherever you are located. It has one single barn in an L shape; with the majority of stalls inside the main barn but a few attached on the outside that is open to enjoy the fully landscaped grounds of the yard.
    The hay shed is fully stocked with the season's freshest hay bales to see the new resident horses through a hopefully snowy winter and there's also a trailer shed attached. As mentioned, this lot is fully landscaped and as your tired feet wander across the property you'll stumble across the old well - always helpful to throw in a coin before heading off to shows! There's also a charming patio area for riders and owners to enjoy fresh coffee or just to enjoy nature.
    Inside the barn are two fully furnished rooms; the tack room holds few saddles but has the every sim's most important item - a coffee machine. A few tack trunks sit on the far wall and there's a cute storage unit for all those little items like blankets and riding hats. Right across the barn aisle is the feed room complete with all the apples your horses will ever need. A feed bin for grain and a pile of buckets, the horses will never go hungry.


    • This barn took a lot of renovation to make it presentable so please only place a bid if you actually intend to use it. We never require to see updates or photos, but please do give it some love
    • It will be up to the buyer to track down any content that is missing. But please note, you are allowed to change, edit, replace what you like. You may change the colours and flowers, change stall types etc. Once it is yours, you may do what you like with it. If you're unable to find a certain item of content that you've seen in the sales catalogue for the barn then feel free to message me and I'll try and hunt it down
    • It would be really nice if you give credit but it isn't necessary
    • This barn is being sold without insurance - if your game suddenly breaks or is unable to handle the CC used, myself and Monachyle Construction are not to be held liable. We will try and help you work out any issue you may have installing your new barn but ultimately it is down to you to know if your laptop or PC can handle this lot
    • Payment must be received with 24 hours after the auction closes, or it will be offered to the second bidder. Once the payment is received (To Callixta-Rosella on the main site) the lot will be sent to you via email or slack, whichever you prefer
    • Enjoy the lot!


    A Brief Tour
    alt text


    alt text


    alt text


    alt text


    Extra Details
    More photos can be viewed in the Sales Catalogue.
    The starting bid for this lovely barn is $20,000
    There is no maximum bid, but each bid should raise by $1000. Auction will end 24 hours after the last bid
    As of today (10th) I will consider any autobuy offers around the $35,000 mark

  • SB
    This would be perfect die my future gaited pons

  • @Jase-Sunshine said in [Ends 24 hours ALB] Barn Auction:

    This would be perfect die my future gaited pons

    Accepted :relaxed:

  • Congrats @Jase-Sunshine :) Please send the payment within the next 24 hours and let me know where to send the barn file to

  • This post is deleted!

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