[RESULTS] Equus Conformation Grading Show

  • Thank you very much for hosting! :D

  • Thanks a lot for hosting, I'm so happy! I hope soon we'll can take a part in other similar show :blush:

  • First and least important thing: one of my horses is missing from the results? :joy: #27788, Duval's Ibis, entered in the Warmblood class. She's marked as paid and awaiting judging in the raw list; I searched all the sheets, both by name and number, in case she ended up somewhere by accident, but no dice. It's a mystery. :spy:

    Second, and most important thing: Thank you, Lucca, Antonio, Yu-Mi, Kiha, Ewan, Lyth, Blake, Zahid, Sinead, Amelia, Lainey, Samantha L & Samantha J (whew!) for organising this lil' show and slogging through I-don't-know how many entries over the last few months. I cannot really comprehend having the patience and discipline each of you must possess in order to have achieved it, but I can be grateful that you do. Thank you for your commitment to bringing us our results , and thank you for giving me a kick to start up my game and give a few of my pons a brief moment in the sun again. :heart: :heart:

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    @Ariadne-Waters There were some mishaps with transferring the data, she should be there now!

  • Administrators

    Payments should be all sent out now!

  • I believe my horse has the wrong owner listed, Bon Voyage #18379 is owned by Eowyn apparently :stuck_out_tongue:

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    @Remi-Scott What that's showing is who judged your horse! That way if you have any questions about your score, you know who to contact.

  • @Blake-Bellanaris Haha, that makes sense now. Thanks!

  • @Blake-Bellanaris Eep! That was fast! Thank you for looking into that- much appreciated. :heart:

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