[ENDS WHEN SOLD] Titled PRE Andalusian Stallion

  • Rules:

    1. Don't copy the coat or use him as a template for other horses.
    2. Must be shown in at least R shows.
    3. Don't change the horses gender, coat, color, confirmation, prefix or show name.
    4. If you leave Equus or go on a long hiatus, please contact me.
    5. If selling, please contact me.

    For your consideration; SAL Commodore de Capaz

    alt text

    Registered Name: Commodore de Capaz
    Breed: PRE Andalusian
    Gender: Stallion
    Colour: Black based Grey
    Genotype: Ee/aa/Gg
    Discipline: Dressage (59 points; gives +2)

    Asking Price: $ 15,000 (Price is negotiable)

    If you are interested in buying him or need more information, feel free to PM me.
    *External Profile

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