Grey in Fell Ponies

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    While uncommon in Fell Ponies and not as desired as the unmarked black, grey is an acceptable color in this breed, so long as they meet the criteria of minimal to no true white markings. From the "About Fell Ponies" section of the Fell Pony Society:

    Description of the Fell Pony: COLOR AND MARKINGS: Black, brown, bay and grey. Chesnuts, piebalds and skewbalds are debarred.
    A star and/or a little white on or below the hind fetlock is acceptable. An excess of white markings is discouraged, but such ponies are eligible for registration.

    Some photos, all from the site posted above:

    Zoe Marsden's Midtown Joker
    alt text

    Murthwaite Ice Man
    alt text

    Bluemountain Show Me
    alt text

    alt text

    Also, just cause, here is Stormy, the grey Fell pony I exercise at my stable.
    alt text

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