{Winner!} GRP Stallion Raffle!

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    Silver Berry Stables would like to bring you in with open arms, as we raffle off one of our beloved ponies. Cotton Sox hasnt had luck with the selling side of Equus, but we know there is for certain a good home out there for him.

    This raffle lasts a total of 7 days (a week) as i want him to have moved to is new home ASAP as my stable is going through changes.

    SBS Cotton Sox is a beloved German Riding Pony that has helped many kids gain confidence in the field of riding. He holds currently 19 Pony Show Jumping points with his second discipline, Dressage, and not yet contains any points in said discipline.

    Once he is yours, he is yours. You may do what you wish with him. I know i will not buy him back in future, so asking me for permission before selling isnt necessary. He does not come with custom markings.

    Thats it! Just comment your name if interested in the comments below, and you'll be put in the raffle

    Best of luck! :heart_exclamation:

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  • Kiha Kim o 3o

  • Marte Eide­čśŹ

  • Development Committee

    Fiora Healy :heart:

  • C├ęline LeMa├«tre <3

  • Administrators

    Blake Bellanaris :heart_exclamation:

  • Ilaria Hayes :kiss:

  • Alba Mor├ín!
    I've been looking for a nice GRP for ages lol

  • Kaitlyn Waterfield :hearts:

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    Congratulations to @Kiha-Kim ! File has been sent your way over slack.

    Thank you to all those who entered! :heart:

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