[Ended] Al Sahra Premier Auction: SEA Arab colt and Arab Hanoverian colt w. bonus

  • PR Committee


    Al Sahra Arabians and Zephyr International are proud to present an elite selection of youngstock for public auction.
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    • Horses come registered with mainsite profiles, and are already competing. They will continue to be competed throughout the sale.
    • All horses come with custom coats and markings.
    • Horses are made with Luke’s HD mod.
    • This is auction will be open for a week, after which it will become a 24hr alb sale.
    • A ‘reserve’ in an auction just means their starting bid. There are no auto-buys, minimum bid increase of 1K.


    • Horses may not be altered or changed outside of swapping manes/tails and shine markings.
    • Horses may not be used as bases in any way: each of these horse is unique, as are their markings.
    • Names and prefixes may not be altered or changed.
    • You may change disciplines for the horse.
    • You are able to sell them, just let me know so I can keep track of my offspring.
    • Obviously I’d prefer an active breeding and showing home. If you plan to leave the site, I’d appreciate if you return the horse to me first.
    • Please include the word ‘bean’ in your first bid to show you’ve read and understand the rules.
    • Those found to be ignoring any of these rules will not be sold to again without notice.


    Sahra Zhubair
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    SEA Flaxen Chestnut Colt

    Zhu is a flashy looking horse with a personality to match. Loud, boisterous and dare we say melodramatic, he’s made it his personal mission to never be out of the spotlight long. He’s got a competitive mindset that would suit him well in either endurance or flat racing, and he has shown tenacity and the will to carry on in adverse conditions to great result in his early endurance trials.

    Despite his occasional antics, he has shown exceptional results with his current handler and rider, Emmanuel Edwards, and as such is recommended to be a one person horse. Perhaps too intelligent for his own good, he is in need of regular attention and stimulation. We currently have him stabled with Raj which has improved his behaviour, and we’d advise his future home to stable him with a gelding companion or a well-mannered stallion.

    Zhubair receives a +6 endurance bonus,+7 flat racing bonus, and +2 in dressage with active parents and grandparents. He is actively competing in endurance and has earned 10 points 18 points.

    His reserve is $25,000, and we are seeking offers above this price at auction.


    Caviar ZI
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    Hanoverian Derivative Sooty Bay Colt

    Like all of Caligineux W’s offspring, Caviar has that something special: an x factor. An enormous foal grew into a giant of a colt, he has the movement to match. Impossible to look away from, he turns heads wherever he is. Talent is all but oozing from his eyebrows and he is already well on the way to being the headlining stallion at a world-class facility.

    ‘Fish’ is larger than life, and his personality could fill an arena. Known for being playful, occasionally to the annoyance of his grooms, he sometimes doesn’t realise his own strength and size. Earning his trust and respect is important, and he is not suited to beginner riders simply due to his heft. Baths are his favourite part of a ride, and he will roll all over a sprinkler if you give him one.

    He receives a +12 dressage bonus and a +7 eventing bonus from active parents and grandparents. He is on his way to his first title in dressage with 16 points 20 points earned.

    Caviar has a reserve of $30,000 at auction, accepting bids from this pricepoint up.

    Horse Current High Bid
    Sahra Zhubair 310,000 -- by X-tina Hoxha
    Caviar ZI 101,000 -- by Neeve Kalford

  • Development Committee

    Sahra Zhubair - SBean

  • Caviar ZI- SB!


  • Development Committee

    Sahra Zhubair - 26k


  • Sahra Zhubair - 28k

  • Caviar ZI - 40k

  • Caviar ZI - $50,000

  • Caviar ZI - $60,000

  • Caviar ZI - $70,000
    I am sure this is going to get out of hand but I might as well try lol

  • Development Committee

    Sahra Zhubair - 29k

  • Caviar ZI - $75,000

  • 30k Sahra Zhubair
    I just need another bean from you

  • Sahra Zhubair 35k :arrow_up_down: bean

  • PR Committee

    High bids updated so things are a little easier to see! Will update periodically.

    These two colts have also had recent winnings and their discipline points have been updated!

  • The names are a bit muddled in the top bid post hehehe Im bidding on Caviar ZI <3

  • PR Committee

    @Neeve-Kalford All fixed!

  • Caviar ZI- $80,000

  • Caviar ZI- $85,000

  • Sahra Zhubair -36k

  • Sahra Zhubair -37k

  • Sahra Zhubair 40 k <3

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