[Winners] Al Sahra Premier Sale: Arab and Warmbloods w. bonuses

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    Al Sahra Arabians and Zephyr International are proud to present an elite selection of youngstock for public auction.
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    • Horses come registered with mainsite profiles, and are already competing. They will continue to be competed throughout the sale.
    • All horses come with custom coats and markings.
    • Horses are made with Luke’s HD mod.
    • This is a traditional application sale. The price of each horse is firm and listed on each.
    • You can apply for more than one horse, however you are unlikely to win more than one, so make sure you put your best foot forward with your favourite.


    • Horses may not be altered or changed outside of swapping manes/tails and shine markings.
    • Horses may not be used as bases in any way: each of these horse is unique, as are their markings.
    • Names and prefixes may not be altered or changed.
    • You may change disciplines for the horse.
    • You are able to sell them, just let me know so I can keep track of my offspring.
    • Obviously I’d prefer an active breeding and showing home. If you plan to leave the site, I’d appreciate if you return the horse to me first.
    • Those found to be ignoring any of these rules will not be sold to again without notice.


    Sahra Rajih Al Shah
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    SEA Chestnut Colt

    Raj is the culmination of the Al Sahra program realised to its fullest. Combining the lines of its two most successful dressage mares, Najma Al Samar and Raheda, with ever strong endurance blood from stand out stallion Ala Shehrar, Raj has royalty in his blood. The result is a well-mannered colt with a willingness to learn and to perform at the highest level.

    We are especially pleased with his conformation, that lends itself well to both his intended disciplines. He has shown natural self-carriage and clean paces suited to dressage with seemingly endless patience and energy. He is friendly and amicable, being housed with Zhubair without issue, and there isn’t a mean bone in his body. He is also attentive during training and has shown early promise in preliminary shows. Raj would suit a small female rider looking for a lot of horse in a smaller package, and would compliment any Arabian breeding program.

    Raj receives a +14 Endy bonus and a +8 Dressage dressage bonus, with active parents and grandparents. He has earned 13 points in endurance and 12 in dressage.

    He is priced at $50,000, to the best of homes only.


    Trakehner Derivative Bay Filly

    Ultra refined and elegant, Ygritte is an eye catching filly ready to make waves in the dressage circuit. Balanced on a dime with expressive paces and self-carriage, she has gone from strength to strength in training both on the ground and under saddle. Already started on lateral movements, she is primed to move through the levels with ease.

    While a very reactive youngster, she has mellowed with age, however still is an anxious traveller and has been taken to shows with a travel companion to ease her nerves. She is also leery of flowing water, and is best bathed with a sponge or a very gentle hose. She needs a confident and firm rider under saddle to keep her focused and self assured.

    Ygritte receives a +10 dressage bonus, with active parents and grandparents. She is actively competing and currently has 26 points in dressage, achieving her first title in three shows!

    She is priced at $40,000 via private treaty application only.


    Hanoverian Derivative Bay Filly

    Everything you’d want in an eventing horse and more, Kermesse embodies the finest quality in Zephyr International breeding. The first offspring from headline stallion Kohl W available to the public, she is an opportunity not to be missed. Standing at an imposing 16.3hh, she is a big filly to be sure, with good bone and stature. Not to be outdone, she can turn on a dime around the show jumping course and has a good turn of foot during the cross country phase as well. Her dressage is perhaps her strongest, with big expressive movements that seem to come naturally.

    Once the going gets tough, she gets going, but performs best if you wind her up. She needs a good long lunging session before work, otherwise she is prone to laziness and occasionally dragging her feet. Once in the right mindset, she is eager to please and unflappable by just about anything, and has taken the challenge of ever larger and scarier fences in her stride.

    She receives a +13 eventing bonus and a +3 dressage bonus, with active parents and grandparents. She has earned 10 eventing points so far and is actively competing.

    Kermesse is priced at $41,000 via application.


  • These are such amazing looking animals! out done yourself once again :heart_eyes:

  • Ive been stalking your posts for so long waiting for some of your horses to become available! You have the most stunning horses and coats on equus!

  • I CANNOT tell you how honored I am that one horse in here is from RFE lines! I will most likely be applying for that gorgeous mare!

  • They are gorgeous, I just cannot afford them :(

  • What an awesome and utterly brilliant way to present your horses! It definitely makes it all the more exciting <3

  • PR Committee

    @Erin-Cooke You flatter me <3

    @Neeve-Kalford You flatter me too! I spent lots of time on these babies and the sale, it means a lot :D

    @Claire-von-Hohenfeld If I hadn't already done so much work with them they'd be cheaper but alas I've already sunk money into showing them XD

    @Eowyn-Vance Thank you! It only took me months but I think it was worth it, I love the more immersive style of sale.

  • I am absolutely in love with Ygritte, but alas, I don't have the money.

  • I totally applied for Sahra Rajih Al Shah I just ADORE your Arabians <3 <3 Just could not resist :heart_decoration:

  • Longest wait ever :laughing:

  • PR Committee

    It is a long wait, but in case anyone missed it there is 11 days left to apply for these guys!

  • @Zahid-Sadir said in [Ends 10 Dec] Al Sahra Premier Sale: Arab and Warmbloods w. bonuses:

    It is a long wait, but in case anyone missed it there is 11 days left to apply for these guys!

    *11 more days of exercising great restraint.

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  • PR Committee

    4 more days to apply! Horse's points have been updated, and Ygritte actually reached her first title before year end! Don't miss out on a very talented bunch of babies.

  • FOUR MORE DAYS GUYS, WE CAN DO IT! :muscle_tone1: :laughing:

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  • :heartbeat:

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  • PR Committee

    The time has finally come. I've actually written this post half a dozen times already, but been unable to hit publish because of some indecision or uncertainty. I'd like to take the time to thank people for the high quality applications sent in, and for your patience in this result. There was a great deal to weigh and decide between, which made the final decision extremely difficult. I invite you all to apply for our sales in future, as you all offered outstanding homes for our horses.

    Kermesse ZI will be finding a new home with @Neeve-Kalford at Kirrawae Park.

    Ygritte ZI will now be under the care of @Johanna-Masters at Heatherwood.

    Sahra Rajih Al Shah will be jetting off with @Rosalie-Clarke to Kinnvara Stud.

    Congratulations to the successful applicants. Please DM me on here or slack to discuss payment and file exchange.

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