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    Hello, welcome to Fareeds Stables blog. Some of you already might have seen our scrappy from the old forum, here we will be more active and post a lot of pics of our horses

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    Here you guys have some of our new horses

    SAEC The Globalist

    This is The Globalist a knabstrupper(sporthorse) Stallion, he is an import made from @Rebecca-Wall . He's got a great personality, he loves to be in the pasture running around all day.He is joining the Show Jumping team and the Dressage team.


    SAEC Polaroid

    This is Polaroid a Knabstrupper (sporthorse) mare, she is an import also made by @Rebecca-Wall. She's got sometimes a little bit attitude but most of the time she is a lovely mare. She is joining our Eventing team.


    Hetting's Letifa

    This is Letifa an Arabian mare, she is an import from @Lena-Hetting, she's got the biggest attitude in our stable so no one want's to cross her. She is in our Endurance team and in our Show Jumping team.


    Hetting's Lost World

    This is Lost World a Quarab mare, she is the daughter of Hetting's Letifa and Hetting's Colorful World, she is the most lovely mare here in Fareed Stable. She loves to be petted, She is joining our western team pluss our Show Jumping team.


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    A little trail ride with some stunting in it. I decided to take out SAEC Polaroid for some trail ride and I didn't know she could stunt also.



  • Polaroid so cute <3

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    @Alexandra-Yashirina . yeah she is an amazing mare love her so much <3

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    We decided to put SBS Skinny Love to some training again.




    (I'm sorry for the bad editing I was editing fast)

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    So I decided that I was gonna start riding SAEC The Globalist for the first time, it did not go as I expected.



    Something tells me that this boy has a lot of energy

    After he was done bolting and running around he finally decided to calm down


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    Oh dear - he looks a handful. Hope he settles for you soon!

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    We saw our cute little boy splashing around, god he is so cute <3



  • Love love LOVE Globalist's coat! And personality hehe :D

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    @Lidija-Rotherford said in Fareed Stable /Splashing Around:

    Love love LOVE Globalist's coat! And personality hehe :D

    Hehehe he is an amazing boy

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    RFE Incomparabila

    This is our new Irish Sport Horse, we bought her from @Lidija-Rotherford we want to thank herso much for letting us buy this gorgeous mare, she will join our Dressage team. This mare will never leave our stable <3


  • I love Lidjia's horses

  • Glad you're already showing her off! :D I see that she will have an awesome home with you!

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    So we decided to try out RFE Incomparabila, she moves amazing and is kind.





    So after a little training she was able to run in the pasture


  • She looks super happy!

  • SBS Skinny Love looks so happy and willing to work!
    Glad to see her in work with you, i enjoy seeing my horses around :heart:

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    CSR Tinsel Twister

    This mare was made by @Cole-Tieman in his Free blind western import. She is totally gorgeous, she has a lovely personality, she doesn't even hurt a fly. She is currently our only western horse that we own, so she is gonna start in Reining and Cutting and later we will but more horses for our western team.


  • Well, as always, can't wait to see more of her :D She is pretty, indeed!

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    Hi, if you guys don't see the horses that I bought from you or the horses I'm leasing, entering shows is because I can't get in to the main site it's gonna be like this for days or weeks......

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