Ridgeway Estates | Confidence | [11.10.17]

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    “Sometimes all you need is a push from the right person.”

    I thought long and hard about posting or even making a Sims version of myself.
    For one thing, I am not a stick.
    I don't fit into the equestrian standards of a rider.
    I stick out in the ring.
    I had a few trainers tell me to keep it a hobby and one even tell me I don't belong in the show ring the way I am.

    alt text
    Inspiration photo of me and my lease horse freckles

    That all changed since I lease my horse and found a trainer who looked past how much money I was putting into their pockets or what my outward appearance. A coach that goes out of her way to show me that I’m better than my mind makes me believe.
    Sure, my equitation isnt pretty and I still have panic attacks on a horse but she has proven those thoughts wrong time, and time and time again!
    I'm proud to say i am a better rider than i was years ago when I was skinnier. I am getting back to jumping the heights I use to, and can proudly say i can handle horses that are much more, well, horse and confidently jump them 2ft 3! :3

    And now onto the photo! This is my first edit in an extremely long time. I know I have loads to improve on!

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