Wolf Creek Ranch/Scrapbook

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    About Wolf Creek Ranch:

    Wolf Creek Ranch concentrates on the breeding and training of top quality American Paint Horses, American Quarter Horses, American Appaloosa Horses, American Mustang Horses And Others(Thoroughbred, KWPN, Puertorican Paso Fino). Our Ranch focuses on training horses on the following disciplines: Western Pleasure, Cutting,  Reining, Cow Work, and other Disciplines(Racing, Dressage, Show Jumping, Cross Country).
    If you are interested on Buying/Breeding with our Horses please PM us.

  • Here are two of my Horses :)
    Hope You Guys Like Them <3

    0_1510504303218_WCR Miss Jo Pat.jpg
    WCR Miss Jo Pat
    American Quarter Mare
    Chestnut Brindle

    0_1510504376272_Cautious Wolf Close Up.jpg
    Cautious Wolf
    Thoroughbred Stallion
    Black Tobiano

  • Aww Adorable ! Love Them Both <3

  • @Kimberly-Ortiz
    Thank you :) I try

  • This edit is a bit old i gotta edit a new pic of him ^^
    0_1510603336358_WCR Indian Arrow.jpg
    WCR Indian Arrow
    APH/AAH Stallion
    Seal Brown Overo Varnish

  • he's So Cute !

  • @Kimberly-Ortiz
    Thank You

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