[CC][C:L10][RP Phase ENDED] Show Jumping

  • Competition Committee

    Competition Committee
    Dublin Grand Prix I
    11.13-11.15.2017 11:59 PM EST
    Judged by Anna Hertler


    • All entry fees must be paid in full to the CC SHOW JUMPING account on the main site for your entry to be processed.
    • The system does not accept punctuation in payments at this time. If you put, for example, $50.00 when you send payment, you will be sending $5,000! Just type in $50 with no decimal places. Please pay once for your entire entry, not per horse!
    • Payments must be made by the same member who entered the horse.
    • Horses may not be cross-entered in different levels at the same show.
    • Riders may compete up to two horses in each class.
    • Horses must be registered with the appropriate discipline to be eligible to compete.
    • Member can enter up to 5 horses per level with 50 horses total.
    • If there are more than 14 participants in one class, it will be split. Classes with fewer than 10 participants will have phantom horses added to meet the minimum requirement.
    • Go to the SHOW JUMPING Leaderboard to check your horse's current level. Horses may enter below their level but those entered above will be disqualified and entry fee confiscated.
    • Error change requests/discipline declarations are not guaranteed to be completed by end of show, especially those submitted on its final day.
    • Undeclared horses will be disqualified and entry fee confiscated.
    • Duplicate entries will result in a DQ and will not be refunded. If the same horse is entered by multiple members, only first entry is taken into account and any following entries will be disqualified.

    Classes & Fees

    • PUDDLE (1): $75 entry fee
    • HOPEFUL (2): $150 entry fee
    • BEGINNER (3): $225 entry fee
    • AMATEUR (4): $300 entry fee
    • TRAINING (5): $375 entry fee
    • PRELIMINARY (6): $450 entry fee
    • INTERMEDIATE (7): $525 entry fee
    • ADVANCED (8): $600 entry fee
    • OPEN (9): $675 entry fee
    • GRAND PRIX (10): $750 entry fee

    Entry Card

    Raw entry list
    alt text
    Questions, comments, and entry corrections should be posted as replies to this thread.

  • On MXF Tropicália's entry I typed "Sarach" instead of "Sarah". Could you fix it?

  • Corrections!

    25974 : Rosseau Von Falken
    Should be Rousseau Von Falken

    28544 : Sir Royce Von Falken
    Should be 25844


  • 20923 should be Stellar Fox AW, sorry!

  • A few mistakes from me, sorry :(

    Can you replace Salty Sea Mare (23498) with Honeybrook Pether's Moon (30266)
    And Woodford's Provence, replace her entry with TH Hulivili (29528)

    And can CDC Bärenjäger be moved down to level five please? That should then make my level-six entries correct
    Thanks <3

  • Competition Committee

    @Sarah-Fischer @Breanna-Fahnestock All Fixed ;)
    @Constantine-Vale Stellar Fox is actually registered as Stellar Fox FN, I have fixed it in the raw list :slight_smile:
    @Callixta-Rosella All fixed <3

  • Can you please change the ID for CDC Belize to 20726? Thank you!

  • Could you please change 28825's name to EWE Riptide, thank you!

  • Oh boy I screw this one up!

    Could you please move Karelina & Thracia from L10 to L9, and move up Phaethon HF & Legend Dary HF from L9 to L10?

    I misspelled ASG Drachenseele's name, could you add the 'R' to the beginning of her name so that she shows up correctly? Thank you <3

  • 25287 Sovereign's Riddle Me This
    18677 WBS Meadowbird
    Pretty sure I got a space after there names.

  • I have made many errors...

    20864 Monachyle's Atlanticaa should be Monachyle's Atlantiicea
    27826 Myosotis´ Liferoot of Honiley is actually owned by Skye Valens not the sim who rides him

    Thanks! <3

  • Competition Committee

    All reported errors fixed so far <3

  • Competition Committee

  • Competition Committee



    • This phase will remain open for 14 days from the time of this post.

    • You can submit any photo, story or a combination photo and story.

    • Horses need to be entered in the randomized phase to qualify.

    • Horses that have been disqualified may enter and collect points.

    • A total of 5 horses per member can be entered in the Role Play phase.

    • Entries must be submitted via the Roleplay Phase Entry Form to be counted and earn RP Rewards.

    Minimum Requirements

    • Story entries must be at least 300 words long and related to the show or the entry will not be counted. Entries longer than 300 words will not receive extra achievement points.

    • Photos can be inspired by how your horse did in the competition portion of the show or you can do anything related to the show - e.g. arriving at the show, watching a class, etc.


    • One entry will award 2 points (photo or story).

    • If both a picture and story are submitted, 1 extra point is awarded for a possible total of 3 points per horse.

    • Each entry in the Roleplay Phase will award 20 Achievement Points ($1,000 prize money). For more information on Achievement Points please see The Achievement Points Guide



    Raw entry list

    alt text

    Entries must be submitted via the Roleplay Phase Entry Form to be counted and earn RP Rewards

  • Valeri hopped onto the bay mare with assistance from Lailah, taking the bottle of water offered to her and took a long sip of it.
    “So you want me to go easy up to seven,” the rider pointed with one hand at the jumps she was referencing, giving the bottle back to her girlfriend, “then gear her up from eight to ten?” Valeri looked down at her trainer.
    “You got it Val. Good luck you two, go get ‘em out there.” Erica patted her rider’s leg. “Don’t forget to breathe.”
    Valeri and Memry trotted into the ring, the brunettes eyes running over each jump in the course she was going to take. All eyes were on them, Memories outstanding coat and confident head pulled the bystander’s gazes onto them, eager to see how they performed. Picking up a canter, the pair headed off to the first line of jumps, confidence in their stride and a ribbon on their mind.
    The duo cleared jumps with ease, leaving the obstacles with inches of room to spare. They cantered towards the last jump, a large oxer, when the mare tripped. Everything seemed to go in slo-mo for Valeri. The mare went head over heels, Valeri flying over Memry’s neck and landing in the dirt. The only things she could hear was the thud of their bodies into the ground, the snap of the wooden pole and her own bones.
    Valeri’s blood pounded in her ears, face tight in pain. She slowly flexed her muscles, stopping when pain shot up her left leg and arm. Looking around for her mount, she saw the mare stand up and limp towards the gate. Her team ran towards Valeri with medical in tow, faces stricken with fear and worry.
    “Don’t worry Val, medics are here now. Breathe, just breathe.”
    alt text

  • “Yo, girl, wake up. Your class is in 20 minutes, go get warmed up!” Erica shook her head rider awake.
    “Ms. Erica… five more minutes please..” Keiji muttered, stirring slightly in her seat. Londinium stood next to her, leg still cocked and eyes shut.
    “No!” The trainer barked out with a laugh. “Come on, come on! You can nap after your class, it’s the last of the day.”
    The rider rolled her head back and groaned. “Fine, fine,” she said, stretching her arms out, accidentally hitting London with her left arm startling the mare awake. Standing up, she stood taller stretching her whole body awake. Petting the mares neck, they set off towards the warm up ring.
    “No, no, no, Kei! You know better than this. You sit back and wait for the three, don’t rush it to two and a half!” Erica barked out as the duo came out of a jump. She shook her head and sighed “Do you need a coffee or something? Get you jumpstarted before your class?” Keiji came down from the canter and nodded her head.
    “Yo Lailah, can you bring us some coffee?” Erica called out to her staff at the side of the ring.
    “Sure thing boss,” Lailah called back, as Keiji walked to Erica. “While Lailah’s getting us drinks, go trot around and wake up a little more. If you’re not feeling it today, we can always scratch, alright? You come first, girl.” She patted her leg.
    “Thank you for the concern Ms. Erica, but I’ll be alright.” She picked up a trot.
    “Kei, that was perfect! Best ride i’ve ever seen you do. That was amazing!” Erica was all smiles, walking alongside her rider and petting London’s neck. “Let’s all go out for drinks when you’ve squared her away.”
    “Sure thing miss,” Keiji laughed.
    alt text

  • Administrators

    “I don't trust him, Lou.”
    “huh - who?”
    “His name is Giles Morin. What kind of person is called Giles Morin, I ask you.’
    “Who's Giles Morin?”
    “This guy in the photo!”
    “I don't think I know that guy. Who is he?”
    “I don't know him either. I'd remember a suspicious face like that.”
    “If you don't know him then of course you don't trust him. That makes sense.’
    “"That makes sense." Quote Lou Tailler, 20th November 2017. I'm taking notes, you see.’
    “.. elsie... why do you have a photo of Giles Morin?”
    “Because he's here at the show today and I need it for my detective reasons.”
    “Did you take it from the show photographer?”
    “I didn't not take it from the show photographer's assistant.”
    “What are you doing to it?”
    “I think that's some kind of invasion of privacy, stealing his photo.”
    “I need to know everything about him. I need to know how he takes his coffee. I need to know whether he crosses his legs left over right or right over left or vice versa. I need to know if he snores. I need to know if he throws huge house parties.”
    “That's a long list of questions. Any particular reason you suddenly want to know all about a stranger?”
    “I'm quite partial to huge house parties so long as I don't have to clean up.”
    “He's our new neighbour. He wants to keep that horse in our yard. He might be a psychopath! But I'll be prepared…”
    “Wow that was almost rational for the first part.”
    “Why are you writing down the things I say?”
    “Evidence. I'm going to need this when we go to court to sue him for being an axe murderer.”
    “He looks like a normal enough guy. I hope he keeps the tack room tidy.”
    “What if his horse is a fake and he just wants to get into our yard to steal from our lemon tree?”
    “That's amazingly unlikely. Also I think Labcat has been eating all the lemons anyway.”
    “What if ... he... comes into the bookshop and moves the books all around?”
    “Like every customer ever?”

  • alt text
    Honeybrook Firkin Fox and Cait Westbrook


    "Maybe we should switch back to Penny."
    Alma stood with her arms folded across her chest, eyes scrunched and hands fisted as she watched the young girl try and coax a lively chestnut horse to enter the arena. It had been clear from the minute Foxglove was bought that she was a horse designed to test every person she ever met. From having to stand up upturned water buckets just to get the head collar on to six grooms chasing her across the sloping hills in the driving rain - Foxglove was one of the most temperamental horses Alma had even encountered.
    Which made her all the more glad for her perfect gentleman gelding Panther; who was currently tucked away in the stabling barn behind the big arena taking his usual nap.
    "Cait will cope." Callixta murmured, discreetly crossing her fingers inside her jacket pocket.
    "Yes but Callixta, they're moving further away from the damn arena!"
    Admittedly, it was true. Foxglove had bunny-hopped sideways, skittered backwards and was now standing firm refusing to budge. Cait's cheeks were burning red and even Foxglove's groom Maizie wasn't having any luck convincing the dark chestnut mare forward.
    "This mare is just like your horse," Alma threw a dark look across at the younger woman stood beside her.
    "I know that was meant as an insult, but I'll take it as a compliment." Callixta was fiercely protective over her stubborn Dutch Warmblood and it was no hidden fact that she always favoured the horses with a strong personality. She hadn't admitted out loud to anyone that Foxglove was becoming a firm favourite of hers - but why else was she here.
    "Look, they're going in now!"
    Alma grunted in response as Callixta continued to hop around on the spot trying to watch as Foxglove finally disappeared from view and into the main arena.
    "One refusal, and she's being sold."
    "Oh be reasonable!" Callixta scowled in response. They crossed the warming up arena, taking a moment to admire the beautifully turned out horses around them, and stood close to the main arena as the bell finally rang.
    "Anyway, Foxglove won't refuse. Cait will be lucky if she can even get below canter, let alone a stop."
    And she was right.

  • alt text
    Honeybrook Barney Boy and Cait Westbrook


    Later in the day, young Cait got a chance to try and redeem herself after the eventful performance with Foxglove earlier in the morning. Her second ride was Barney, a somewhat misunderstood gelding who had huge hooves that tended to knock poles flying in every direction. She suspected it was head-trainer Alma that had meanly planted the Village-Idiot sign outside Barney's stable back home, but nobody moved it because they all agreed.
    He was just that type of a horse.
    They were competing alongside Underworld, a lively flashy stallion the yard recently purchased. He was the talk of the grooms and riders alike, but Cait was more than happy keeping the ride on Barney. Although he was younger than the buckskin stallion, everyone knew deep down he'd never make a fully fledged Grand Prix jumper - and that was okay, he was thoroughly loved anyway. But with Barney came no pressure or stress; just the chance to try and enjoy this round and just hope the bay gelding had remembered to pack his wings with him.
    "Cait, take the practice fence!"
    Alma had somehow managed to almost clear out the warming up ring with her fierce stance and glaring eyes, but Cait wasn't complaining. Across the arena Jeanie was warming up Underworld, whilst Barney rambled around at his own pace with no glimmer of grace or elegance.
    They scraped over the practice fence and landed with a heavy thump that found Cait closer to Barney's ears than she cared for. Just as she shimmied her way back down to the saddle, their number was called.
    "Just...just go!" Alma looked resigned as Cait rode off.
    "Try and remember to jump this time." Cait whispered, sure that not only could Barney hear her over the bitter wind, but that he could understand her also.
    By the time they reached the midway point, Cait was almost wishing she could be closer to Alma and witness the surprise on the trainer's face as Barney managed to leave all the poles upright on that fence too.
    Maybe there was hope for the old boy after all.

  • alt text
    Honeybrook Underworld and Jeanie Davenport


    "You're up next," Alma strode across the warming up arena that was mysteriously empty and adjusted the practice fence height, raising the poles several notches higher. The weather was slowly turning against them and Underworld was getting crabbier with each passing minute. He'd been dragged around all afternoon; being lunged to try and calm him down, then bathed and plaited up which took two attempts before Alma was satisfied with the final turnout.
    "Make sure to hold him back - he will rush," The trainer approached the miserable looking buckskin stallion and ran her hand against his damp neck. "He needs to learn he's a show jumper, not a steeplechaser. God knows where he got the confusion from."
    Jeanie stifled a giggle, remembering everyone's amusement and surprise during the stallion's first training lesson back home at their rundown yard. He'd carted his unlucky rider over the fences from a mile away and remained determined not to listen to any aids given through her heels or hands. It had taken Alma and Jeanie over a month to try and convince him to wait for the fence to get to him, not to charge at it like a madman.
    "Take the practice fence a few more times, make sure he's listening."
    Jeanie nodded and rode off, ignoring Underworld's pinned-back ears as they cantered towards the fence. She felt his head rise and the familar pull on the reins as he tried to rush.
    "Control him - that's it! Keep steady. Wait for the fence!"
    Alma's booming voice flew past Jeanie's ears as she struggled to keep them at a steady pace. As she finally released pressure from the reins, he shot off into the air and flew them over.
    "Good," Alma looked somewhat satisfied after their fifth practice. "Just stay in control."
    "Sure..." Jeanie gave the girth one last check before following the ring steward over to the gates. As they trotted into the arena, she felt the stallion startle as the loud applause greeted him.
    They started off in Underworld's usual hectic way; his head held up high and testing Jeanie's strength and determination as they cleared the first fence. Luckily winter was just around the corner and they would crawl into the cold temperature and spend the next few months working endlessly to try and correct Underworld's patience.
    But they managed to place 2nd in their class division, much to Jeanie's delight.

  • alt text
    Honeybrook Briar Rose and Edolie Langley


    Edolie couldn't wait for this show to be over with and return home to the crumbling old barns and tiny arenas that made up Honeybrook Farm. Everything that could have gone wrong, had gone wrong. Somehow Briar Rose had managed to throw a shoe whilst walking into the barn that was housing all the competing horses. The experienced bay mare had competed for many years all over the world and even at home; and she never just stepped on her own foot and pulled a shoe.
    Until today.
    The onsite blacksmith had replaced the shoe and Coco was walking much more comfortably now and was checked over by the vet before being worked in ahead of their Open class. That was when Edolie discovered that Coco's bridle hadn't been packed, nor had her own riding hat or overnight bag.
    Alma had let rip, blowing off the pent-up steam from a stressful show for everyone. Edolie had melted into the maze of spectators with tears in her eyes. She did enjoy competing sometimes - in summer. When the sun gleamed off Coco's dark bay coat and even made her own dull hair look fancy. When she could remain in just the one typical layer of stock polo shirt, rather than thermal underwear and a raincoat over her show jacket.
    Everyone had rallied around and both Edolie and Coco were kitted out with borrowed pieces from the other riders and horses from the yard. Coco didn't look overly pleased with the three-ring Dutch gag attached to the bridle they'd borrowed from young Brighton, but it was the only one that remotely fit enough that Edolie didn't dread the bridle somehow slipping off as they were competing.
    So far, they were slow against the clock but the Trakehner mare had never been overly speedy. She was slow and careful in the air, always kicking her back legs up with an extra effort that saw very few poles fall. That was what made her one of the yard's top jumping mares, despite her tiny frame and slow speed. Her carefulness often saw her bringing home rosettes of all colours that joined the others in the damp-riddled tack room back at the farm.
    Last fence - they could do this.
    The blue and white oxer was the last thing between them and the warmth of the barn where they could recover and dry off before heading home.
    Edolie pushed on and Coco gallantly carted them over - landing them in fifth place overall.

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