(Wanted) Reining prodigy

  • Looking to bring in a reining prodigy to my stable. I'd make my own but I'd prefer one with a bit of background to it.
    2gen or more please, am not picky on the gender, breed, or color.
    I do have a cheap budget though so hopefully it's not a turn off on that...

  • Hi,
    how big is your budget? Depending on that I can maybe breed you an American Indian Horse.

  • I can do a breeding for you between my mare SCR Urban Cowboy and my stud PLR No City Slicker. The foal would receive a +3 pedigree bonus from the parents and another +1 from the grandsire and +3 from the granddam.

  • The mare should be MRR I'm Your Dream, not SCR Urban Cowboy.

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