How do you delete a horse?

  • How do you delete a horse's profile on the main site?
    I have to re-make my whole stables, and I don't have their files.

  • Send them to the 'deceased horse' user if they are your own horses, if they have another users prefix then send them back to the user or ask the user if they have the file for said horse(s).

  • Development Committee

    Your only option for removing profiles from your account is to send them to reclaims. But, you can also just recreate those horses if you wish :slight_smile:

  • Development Committee

    @Serenity-Gwin Just letting you know, we no longer have a "deceased" or "retired" account, only reclaims :slight_smile:

  • @Mercedes-Hampton this shows I'm far behind :laughing:

    Thanks for that correction

  • Thank you!

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