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    Welcome to the Henderson Thoroughbreds Scrapbook! I do intend on actually keeping this up-to-date, but we'll see :fingers_crossed: Without further ado, enjoy the story!

    The Horses

    Name Gender Breed Discipline Main Site Link
    HT Over the Rainbow Mare Thoroughbred Show Jumping
    HT I Can Dream Stallion Thoroughbred Show Jumping
    TLM She's All That Mare Thoroughbred Flat Racing
    TLM Kubic Velocity Stallion Thoroughbred Flat Racing
    PCRA My Lucky Day Mare Dutch Warmblood Dressage
    SBS Desert King Stallion Dutch Warmblood Show Jumping + Eventing

  • Introduction

    Established by Jacob Henderson in 1998, Henderson Thoroughbreds began as a small, private farm. Jacob had left his family to live peacefully on the farm with his young ottb gelding, Matches.
    14 years later, in 2012, old Matches passed away, and Jacob was alone with his small property, now aged 64. Jacob spent the next 3.5 years building up the property, creating stables and pastures in a way he believed Matches would have loved. He imagined that his humble farm would one day grow to be a large, successful stud, and deemed the property 'Henderson Thoroughbreds'.
    In January 2016, Jacob passed away at the age of 70. He had left a will, which stated that the entire farm and its horses were to be given to his niece, Audrey Henderson, the daughter of Jacob's only brother.

    alt text

    April 24th 2016

    Audrey sat at her desk, glaring at her computer. She had spent the past 3 hours trying to write an article for a magazine she hated.

    alt text <-
    -> alt text

    With a sigh, she shut down the computer and rose to make herself a cup of coffee. On the kitchen bench sat a the pile of mail she was yet to get around to reading, and as she desperately wanted to avoid writing that article, she picked up the pile. She flipped through each letter until she came across a strange envelope. One with her name and address carefully handwritten on the front.

    alt text

    Audrey wasn't entirely sure how to react to this news. She had just inherited a stud farm, a place that housed the creatures she had loved since she was a little girl, and a place she happened to have never heard of. She barely knew Jacob himself had existed. Her father had never said a word about her uncle, so whatever argument the two men had had must've been serious. Eager to embrace her new life, Audrey called the magazine company and resigned immediately, not caring about losing her final paycheck. She bustled about her apartment, hastily throwing essentials into a bag, and then she was out the door.

    alt text

  • New Beginnings

    May 2nd, 2016

    The taxi rumbled along the dirt road, stirring up dust and disturbing the wildlife. Audrey stared out the window at the gorgeous countryside she had found herself in, eagerly awaiting her first glance of the farm. She still couldn't quite fathom the idea that she had inherited an entire country property. Then, there it was. As the car travelled downhill, Audrey caught her first look at the pale brick stables. She counted three buildings and a couple pastures. She even saw a horse in one of the pastures, grazing peacefully. The place was definitely small, but it looked amazing already.

    alt text

    As everything disappeared behind the trees, excitement bubbled in Audrey's chest. She had a feeling she was going to love it here.
    Eventually, the taxi pulled up at the entrance and dropped her off. Audrey stood in front of the property sign, only able to make out a few letters due to the wild plants that had taken over.

    alt text

    Eager to find out what everything was like, Audrey made her way towards the building she assumed was an office. She made a mental note to put together some signs for the place when she renovated it. As she approached the door, a man stepped out from behind it.
    "Oh, hello. You must be Audrey," he said. Audrey offered her hand to the man, smiling shyly.
    "That's me. You're Wyatt, right?" The man nodded and offered a kind smile.
    "Come on, I'll give you a tour."

    alt text

    Wyatt lead Audrey into the office, which was completely devoid of furniture.
    "The place was cleared out after Mr Henderson passed, so it needs a bit of work." Wyatt explained. Audrey nodded as she took everything in. Soon enough, Wyatt continued through the office and back outside. They pair reached the place Audrey was most desperate to see, the stables.

    alt text <-
    -> alt text

    "This is the stables, home of our two Thoroughbreds. Audrey, I'd like you to meet Rain and Ranger." Wyatt said. Audrey approached the buckskin mare in the stall closest to her, and held out her hand for the horse to sniff.
    "Hey Bubba, aren't you beautiful?" Audrey cooed. Wyatt raised an amused eyebrow.
    "Don't judge me, I like cute pet names" Audrey said firmly, through her cheeks flushed. Wyatt chuckled as he watched Audrey interact with 'Bubba', and then with Ranger. She was a natural with the horses, and Wyatt could already tell he would enjoy having her as his boss.

    alt text

    When Audrey finished with the horses, Wyatt led her to the large indoor arena.
    "This is where all the riding happens at the moment. I occasionally take the horses out into the forest, but the indoor is out only arena for the moment." Wyatt said. Audrey took in her surroundings and nodded approvingly. The arena may have been indoors, but the large windows let in so much light, it felt as though they were outside.
    "It's lovely. We'll definitely have to do something about the single arena situation though.

    alt text

    OOC: Thank you for reading! You're now free to comment :slight_smile:

  • Cleaning Up

    June 19th 2016

    After a month of hard work, the entrance to the property was finally complete. Audrey and Wyatt had spent every day removing old plants and replacing them with neater ones, trimming hedges and neatening up the stable sign.

    alt text

    Once the exterior was complete, the pair worked on furnishing the office. a reception desk was installed first, with a computer and phone so the farm could become functional as soon as possible. Soon after that, bathrooms were fixed up for waiting customers, as were couches and a small play area for children. At the end of the busy month, Audrey was quite proud of the place.

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • Administrators

    Hey, this is really cute! I look forward to seeing how the place polishes up once it's filled with horses & people :D

  • An Afternoon Ride

    October 28th 2016

    It was a beautiful Autumn evening, and Audrey just couldn't resist going out on a ride. She convinced Wyatt to join her, though he wasn't very hard to convince. Riding is much more interesting than cleaning stables. The pair and their horses enjoying the last light of the day as the rode through the forests on the edge of the property, talking about whatever came to mind. The horses seemed to enjoy it just as much as their riders.

    alt text

    Left to Right: Wyatt on HT I Can Dream, Audrey on HT Over the Rainbow

  • Interesting idea :) I'm looking forward for the next chapter.

  • Oooh what lovely progress! And a good idea :D

  • Thank you for the lovely comments <3

    New Arrivals Pt.1

    November 20th 2016

    Audrey sat at the front desk, scrolling through emails and random ads online. Surely there was at least one suitable horse here? She was just starting to get frustrated when a small ad in the corner of the screen caught her eye. A rider, about 24 years old, was searching for a place to stay with his two young thoroughbreds. Smiling, Audrey sent him an email.

    alt text

    December 20th 2016

    Audrey heard a car engine down the road, and raced out of the barn to meet it. The man from the ad, Logan Kauffman, had arrived. After greeting Audrey, Logan opened up the horse float and lead his two horses from inside. These two beautiful thoroughbreds were young and ready to begin competition. Logan had been training them to race, and Audrey happily agreed to keep them in that discipline, although they would have to leave the property to train, as Audrey did not own a racetrack. Finally, Audrey's dream was starting to become reality.

    -> alt text <-
    From right to left: TLM She's all That, Logan Kauffman, TLM Kubic Velocity

    OOC: The two lovely thoroughbreds featured here were secret santa gifts from @Kayla-Albright last year, and Logan was created by @Brittany-Hammock , early this year. Thank you both <3

  • New Arrivals Pt.2

    January 27th 2017

    Audrey smiled as the trailer pulled into the driveway. Today, two more horses arrived to join the team. A new rider had also been hired, as Audrey is not the best dressage rider, but naturally fell in love with the horse she ended up purchasing. This new rider, Kyra Houston, was instructed to collect Audrey's second purchase on the way to the property, and they had finally arrived.

    alt text

    The first horse is our lovely dutch warmblood mare, PCRA My Lucky Day, who competes in Dressage. This gorgeous mare was created by @Kia-Williams We love her, thank you <3

    alt text

    The second horse is a dutch warmblood stallion, SBS Desert King. King competes primarily in Show Jumping, with Eventing as a secondary discipline. He was created by @Charlie-Smith Thank you <3

  • King! Omg he looks great! So do all your other horses :wink:
    I’m so glad he’s doing well with you, I look forward to seeing him around after thre December hiatus, prancing in the show ring.
    You’ll have to let me know if you ever put him up for stud! He was always a favourite of mine :heart:

  • I'm so happy to see Lucky being in such a great surroundings she is right now! Hopefully she'll be doing great with you <3

  • Love ur stories :heart_eyes:

  • New Stable Notice
    (Adding this on my phone since I’m on holiday, better formatting and an actual story coming soon)

    So I have managed to acquire a number of horses that are not Thoroughbreds, so they don’t really match with the stable name. Therefore, I have decided to open up a second stable for all the other breeds. This will be based on the same main property as HT, but will have it’s own barns to separate the horses and create some kind of organisation. It will be called Diamond Creek Stables and will be managed by a new staff member, who is yet to be created. (Aren’t I just so organised?)

    I look forward to actually having a separate stable for my non-Thoroughbreds, and hope to get pictures soon after I get home from my holiday :)
    Thank you all for reading, and I hope you enjoy the stories to come!

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