[ENDED] Kinnvara Stud Auctions: Westphalian mare +5pts Eventing/+9 SJ

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    ○ This is auction will be run for three days, after which 24h alb rules apply.
    ○ Once the horse is in your care/possession you may change the following: barn name, mane and tail colour/cut, shine adjustments and minor edits to suit your chosen HD body mod.
    ○ Minor alterations to conformation are permitted, provided the horse can be “realistically” registered.
    ○ No alterations should be made to the horse’s suffix/prefix, nor should you add your own.
    ○ Do not submit the horse for mass download or commercial use.
    ○ As a courtesy, please refrain from using conformation as a template for other horses.
    ○ I would prefer that horses sold through me exist in active homes. However, it is far more important that new owners enjoy their sim horses in a way that best suits their play style. Therefore, there are no activity requirements.
    ○ If you wish to sell the horse please contact me as I may be interested in purchasing it back.
    ○ I retain the right to withdraw the horse from sale or auction at any time.

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    Westphalian || 09/16 || Bay || Ee/AA || 16.3hh

    Dominica KN (W's Dear Oliver X Daytona L)

    Gender: Mare
    Generation: 3rd
    Pedigree Bonus: +5pts Eventing/+9 Show Jumping

    Primary Discipline: Eventing (Regional Champion)
    Secondary Discipline: Show Jumping (Regional Champion)
    Points: 93pts Eventing/75pts Show Jumping

    Starting Bid: $25,000
    Min. Increase: $1,000
    Max. Increase: N/A

    Horse Current Highest Bid
    Dominica KN Zahid Sadir - 27k

  • Starting bid. I've been meaning to get a Westphalian for a while now. I think she'd make a great first one!

  • sits on hands even harder
    a bay eventing mare this is my weakness

  • PR Committee

    She's stunning and I can't help myself.


  • @Zahid-Sadir congratulations you've won the auction for Dominica KN. I'll send her file and main site to you as soon as payment comes through. Thanks for participating. :smile:

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