• I want to reinstall my game cause it keeps crashing sometimes for whatever reason. I removed almost all the CC and just played with a normal family cause all i've been doing for the past few years was starting the game, taking pictures of the horses and edit them. It's been ages since i actually played haha. But it always keeps crashing after ~ 10 minutes.

    So yeah, as i said i have some issues and thought about reinstalling the whole thing. BUT i remember that it was always so complicated with all those patches. It's been quite a while since i reinstalled it and i'm just afraid to mess something up cause they had to be in a certain order if i remember correctly.

    So can someone help me with that? I already found some stuff on google but it still confuses me and i'm just not sure if all the patches still work cause the game is pretty old already. And there are so many patches so i guess it will take ages to reinstall everything again? xD

  • There should be a superpatch you can get that will patch everything up at once. Info here This is what I used last time I reinstalled.

  • I use Games4TheWorld's ultimate fix :)

  • I reinstalled it. worked perfectly fine. But my game still crashes after 5mins.. -_-

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