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  • Ok, rando question. So I was going through my mane site profile, and realized I have some horses that had been returned to me after an owner went inactive. As I no longer have their files, I'd like to adjust their information to a different horse in my stables so I don't lose horse credits with having to create new. Is there a way to do this? Or am I stuck?

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    Ooh okay we have two ways this could go.
    If the horse is registered on 2.5 (jump on this lookup tool to check) then not much besides name and discipline can be changed, since their reg approval was contingent on the breed, colour and geno being as it was at registration. You can however make a horse with the same breed+colour+genotype and change the name of the credit to match that one so that is it's credit now.

    If the horse isn't registered on 2.5 then the world is your mollusk of choice! Change what you can change yourself, and send in a form from the main site changes for the things you can't :D

    Hope this helps!

  • Excellent! Thank you so much for the help! None of them were registered so I went with option B :)

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