Champagne in German Riding Ponies

  • Examples of champagne german riding ponies, most of them get the champagne gene by arab part breds in their pedigree, which are accepted outcrosses, as you can see in this document (german only sadly German Riding Pony Principles). So far there are very few registered champagne GRP stallions, only Champ and his son Champagne Heartbreaker.

    Champagne Heartbreaker (Champ x PrSt Elite Sally)
    Registered GRP stud, Premium foal with 8,7 points.
    alt text
    alt text

    Champ (Khremafino GF (arab partbred) x PrSt Pauline)
    Registered GRP stud
    alt text
    alt text

    Registered GRP Colt (Khasanova (arab partbred) x PrSt Elite Lacy)
    Sale Ad
    alt text

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