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    I've lost the spark for Equus and want to try keeping it by moving over to Equus Sims for a while. This means that I don't feel like stressing with staff duties, entering competitions and at the same time not be able to enjoy my game properly. Since I want to keep my positions and still play the game - the choice was easy. I need someone to help me out with entering the horses while I'm away, the plan is to return one day but I'm not quite sure when yet.

    This is a very unusual lease, because I want to keep posting updates of the horses over at the sister site. This means that the horse files will stay with me. I can do exceptions for some of the horses of course.

    And to those I'm leasing horses from, don't worry, I will keep entering your horses. I may miss some shows now and then so if you'd like to take the horses back you may do so. Thank you for understanding♥


    • No files will be sent out, the files will stay with me but profiles will be leased out on the main site.
    • I have the right to not lease out the horse to you if I feel like you don't meet the requirements.
    • If the horse has more than one discipline I require that you enter it in both of the disciplines.
    • I will only lease out horses to active members of the Equus Community.
    • The time of lease is set to be 1 ES year (4 months), it may be extended.
    • You are not allowed to breed the horse during the lease.
    • R-Shows only.


    • I will pay you $5,000 for each title the horse earns. (The only exception is when the horse is 1 or 2 points away before it's leased out)
    • After the breeder is asked, you will have the right to buy it first if I ever decide to sell the horse(s).

    In order to apply you need to send me a Direct Message over at Slack, or send me a private message on this forum. There is no application but please keep in mind that this isn't a first come, first serve service.

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    Below here you can see all the horses available for lease. DM me on slack or contact me on the forum if you are interested in one, or more of the horses. Keep in mind that there are some horses I will be more picky about leaser than others. Also remember to read the rules before contacting me about the lease.

    CONTENT <-

    RDEC Hanariva Dutch Warmblood None Open (9)
    W's Fierce Reign Westphalian None Advanced (8)
    Sir Zereano R Hanoverian none Preliminary (6)
    WEC/HCP Secret Accident Hanoverian Eventing Show Jumping (6), Eventing (5)
    Symphony of Science EN Norwegian Warmblood Eventing Show Jumping(6), Eventing (3)
    Dancing Elektra EN Norwegian Warmblood Eventing Show Jumping(5), Eventing (4)
    Ecthelion EN Norwegian Warmblood Dressage Show Jumping(5), Dressage (3)

    CONTENT <-

    DPS Pretty In Pink Dutch Warmblood none CCI*** (9)
    Hermès du Tussock Selle Francais none CCI** (8)
    WEC Olympus Hanoverian none Advanced (6)
    Griotte des Grèzes Pottok none Intermediate (5)
    Pumpkin des Grèzes Poney Français de Selle none Intermediate (5)
    Hestia des Grèzes German Riding Pony none Intermediate (5)
    Pareidolia German Riding Pony none Intermediate (5)
    Manga des Grézes Poney Français de Selle none Intermediate (5)
    Diamond Heart German Riding Pony none Intermediate (5)
    Code of Honour EN Norwegian Warmblood Dressage Eventing(5), Dressage(3)
    WPW Sonderlust Arabian none Preliminary (4)
    WPW Lunova Arabian none Preliminary (4)
    Caramac AT Hanoverian Dressage Eventing(2), Dressage(1)
    Juvenal EN Norwegian Warmblood Show Jumping Eventing(2), Show Jumping(2)
    Aphrodite EN Norwegian Warmblood Show Jumping Eventing(1), Show Jumping(1)

    CONTENT <-

    Preciada del Sicomoro Andalusian none Intermediare II (9)
    Taz Mania German Riding Pony none Prix St. Georges (7)
    Classic Touch German Riding Pony none Prix St. Georges (7)
    Libertée des Grèzes Poney Français de Selle none Fourth Level (6)
    Jazz des Grèzes Poney Français de Selle none Fourth Level (6)
    Trigueno del Astro Andalusian none Fourth Level (6)
    Hetting's Ameera Arabian none Third Level (5)
    Carilla German Riding Pony none Third Level (5)
    Celeridad Emperador Andalusian none First Level (3)

  • I'll take Sconfinato back if this is the case :)

  • Development Committee

    @Lidija-Rotherford Alright, thanks for letting me know! :heart: Too sad I was never able to get him in game, I hope maybe if I decide to come back we could try again. :slight_smile:

    All horses available for lease has been added to the list. Please remember to read the rules before contacting me! :- )

  • I'll take Caramac back then if thats fine? (:

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    I will also take back Pretty in Pink :slight_smile:

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    @Eowyn-Vance @Callixta-Rosella
    I'm not planning to sell the horses, I'll only be gone from equus for a couple of months :slight_smile: What I meant was the ones I am leasing horses from could take their horses back because it was my job to keep them active. Some of them were even paid, so that's the reason.

    The horses I own will stay with me and kept active over at Equus Sims. They will however still be entered in shows on Equus, so that's why I'm looking for leasers. If it turns out they don't get a leaser then I will keep entering them myself. I am so sorry for the misunderstanding! <3 This is by no means 'goodbye forever' thing and I will still be around, just not entering shows with all of my horses. :blush:

  • ah ok, was just worried when i saw the 'you will have the right to buy it first if I decide to sell' and that you were leaving for months :p it will be sad to see him put for loan for so long since he's only been recently sold, but can I at least ask that his file isn't shared?

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    Oh no, that was only if I ever were to sell the horse. There's a big if there. And the breeder would've been asked first anyway, so no worries. I recently bought Caramac from you so I do not intend to sell him at all xD If you read through the whole thing including the rules, you'll see that this is a profile only- lease and that I do not send out the files. :slight_smile: It's simply just the entering shows part to keep the breeders happy. He will still get updates over at Equus Sims and be shown there by me :slight_smile:

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    This is now open. Please apply if you can help out, it would be very much appreciated. <3

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