[solved] Tobiano thoroughbred

  • I'm in need of tobiano thoroughbred I could put into already existing horse's pedigree. Gender doesn't matter, can be foundation, pedigree bonus points in eventing or/and show jumping are must. Will pay your price for the right horse.

  • Thoroughbreds don't carry tobiano, so you might be out of luck.

  • @Erin-Cooke
    Unless its registered as unrealistic

  • @Treyvor-Storm There's a stud dedicated to Tobiano Coloured Racehorses, and apparently the JC accepts the color but I've never seen anything of it, but I don't think the stud site alone would be enough support to allow Equus to open Tobiano as an acceptable color.

    One of my friends owns a Tobiano Thoroughbred(purebred)

  • If you can provide evidence of a Tobiano TB existing IRL and it's registered, you can open an appeal thread in registration and it could be accepted :smile:

  • @Luke-Teth

    Challenge accepted.

  • @Luke-Teth
    One thing on that though, which registration process would be followed? According to the UK breeding down 7 generations can cause the horse to be considered pure. Would it go based from the American JC? Or other places?

  • Wow, that's escalated :) Thank you all for repsonses!

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    replying to this just because I can't find anything about 7 generations - did find this:

    Soon after the start of the 20th century, fears that the English races would be overrun with American-bred Thoroughbreds because of the closing of US racetracks in the early 1910s, led to the Jersey Act of 1913.[37] It prohibited the registration of any horse in the General Stud Book (GSB) if they could not show that every ancestor traced to the GSB. This excluded most American-bred horses, because the 100-year gap between the founding of the GSB and the American Stud Book meant that most American-bred horses possessed at least one or two crosses to horses not registered in the GSB. The act was not repealed until 1949, after which a horse was only required to show that all its ancestors to the ninth generation were registered in a recognized Stud Book.[38] Many felt that the Jersey Act hampered the development of the British Thoroughbred by preventing breeders in the United Kingdom from using new bloodlines developed outside the British Isles. wiki:thoroughbred

    I feel like there's a misconception that this means that impure horses are accepted, when really what this means is that all horses within 9 generations are registered in a thoroughbred studbook in or outside England, where previously they had to have been registered in the english stud book for all those generations. I can't find any reference to this rule allowing leeway in terms of outcrossing, although we can logically determing that if the GSB recognizes a stud book from another country which does itself allow outcrossing, then this might be possible? I have my doubts that such a thing exists.

    This is a very good question & I'm interested to see the result.

    tl;dr = english studbook says that the horse must be 100% thoroughbred, but they dont have to be 100% english thoroughbred.

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    @Serenity-Gwin I do want to just ad the stud in the UK that has the Tobiano "Thoroughbreds" has admitted and even states on their website that the horses have a percentage of Warmblood in them, so they're not pure Thoroughbreds. Their founding stud is "75%TB 25% coloured sports horse type" according to their site. Those horses do race, however it may not be under the JC.

    I only wanted to ad this because I've searched high and low, even calling places irl, to find tobiano purebred Thoroughbreds, but it's just a gene they do not carry and likely never will and still be a purebred, sadly.

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