Roan in German Sporthorses (DSP/RPSI)

  • This is all the evidence I've compiled of Roan being present in German Sporthorses. Obviously, it'd be rare; I've only found 2 horses to be carriers.

    I began my search with my first hit: Heleena, a blue roan claimed to be registered RPSI. I can't find a reliable database to search, nor can I make out a brand due to the poor image quality, but she's very clearly, at least, roan.

    alt text alt text

    The site says she got the roan gene from her mother My Fair Lady so that was my second lead -- She had another roan filly, named Titania, who is claimed to be registered & branded RPSI in 2008. Again, ridiculously poor photos, and I can't find the brand on her, but she looks strawberry roan to me. (Second one down)

    alt text

    Finally wound up tracking down My Fair Lady herself, bred by the breeders of Heleena naturally -- She's a palomino roan American Warmblood registered with the laxer AWS society. RPSI does accept American Warmblood outcrosses, so I suppose that's helpful enough.

    alt text

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